4 Apps to Help With Every-Day Productivity

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This recipe was submitted by Bridgette Lee.  Bridgette is a New York-based, nutritionist and freelance writer.

How do I become more productive?

I’ve been thinking about this since WFH became the norm and this is a question many of us continually ask ourselves every day.

Improving your everyday productivity is a huge step in becoming the best version of yourself.

Creating fruitful environments can be difficult and often require changes and additional assistance. However, with distractions around every corner, it’s crucial to enhance your daily activities by utilizing tools to keep you successful.

In this era of technology, we are provided numerous applications that can noticeably enhance our productivity. Use these to your advantage! With these apps right at your fingertips, it has become almost too easy to implement them into your daily routine.

Keep reading for some tips on what and where to start downloading.


Todoist is your one-stop-shop when trying to optimize your to-do list. A crucial aspect to staying productive is organizing your thoughts and physically writing out what you need to complete for the day. With your tasks prioritized right in front of you, it will be much easier to feel productive and get in a routine. Todoist is here to help make this as easy as possible. Between using the quick-add feature or implementing subtasks and sections, your list will be organized and give you the feeling of control. There are even options to highlight certain todo’s as favorites to make your high priorities noticeable as well. Even if you can’t finish the task on your own, there are features that also allow you to delegate tasks to family members or roommates! Share the project and see the magic of delegating your responsibilities.

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Headspace is the perfect tool to practice your meditation and self-care skills. Calming your mind and focusing on something simple can do wonders for your everyday productivity in the workplace as well as in your home.

Reducing your stress levels, enhancing your creativity, and improving your self-awareness are just some of the ways meditation can increase your daily successes. Headspace constantly researches and incorporates fact-based data when creating their features.

With their authentic approach, they encourage you to utilize this application first thing in the morning. Clearing your head for a few undisturbed minutes right after waking up will set the tone for a positive and efficient day.

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goPuff is an app that can deliver any home essentials you need. From your groceries all the way to your cleaning supplies, it can be a lifesaver on chore day.

You may have heard the saying, “there are not enough hours in the day,” and that can be painfully true when trying to complete your errands. Normally, running errands can take up a huge portion of your day. Between traveling to each store and the time spent within, it can hinder any other responsibilities you may have to complete.

Luckily, goPuff’s delivery services can assist you in these time-consuming tasks and make your daily life effortless. Simply scroll through the site and shop right from your couch. Essentials from band-aids to baking soda can be brought right to your door. Not having to think about grocery shopping and making trips to the store can save a ton of hassle and increase everyday productivity as well.

These services can completely eliminate the fuss of the brick and mortar store and give you your Saturday morning back!

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Sortly will help you create an inventory of your home and stay systemized! While we can not control everything in our busy lives, we can be as organized as possible. When your household is cluttered with paperwork, it can be all too easy to let the mess pile up and eventually lead to unnecessary stress.

With Sortly, you are able to manage everything you own from one place.

From old receipts to tracking expiring warranties, an app like this offers a virtual filing system for all of your overwhelming paperwork. Furthermore, you are able to create additional entries of other properties you own, including but not limited to your electronics, jewelry, and appliances.

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Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle can actively improve your sleeping habits, an essential part of maintaining your wellbeing. The amount of sleep you get each night directly affects how you behave throughout the following day. Lack of sleep can negatively impact multiple areas of your life, however productivity sees some major consequences.

It becomes challenging to form new ideas, causes a longer time period to complete tasks, and it becomes harder to focus on conversations. Sleep Cycle tracks and analyzes your movements while sleeping and monitors the signals your body gives off.

Using this data and information it will wake you softly during the lightest sleep state as well as calculate how well you slept throughout the night. Nothing helps us be productive everyday like getting a good nights rest.

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The more productive you are throughout your day to day, the more engaged in your life you will be. Instilling these small habits into your routine can help propel you towards success throughout all aspects of your life.

Comment below your favorite app that helps you stay focused!

Bridgette Lee

Bridgette Lee is a nutritionist and freelance writer that enjoys improving the lives of others through health advice and extreme optimism. Bridgette is New York-based, but she enjoys traveling as well to try new foods and restaurants. 

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