7 Health Benefits Of Drinking Red Wine For Women

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This post was submitted by  Harold Camaya, a thoughtleader in the digital marketing of luxury wines.


We love wine. ??????

Sometimes life gets hectic, or we just want to unwind, or get together with our girlfriends, or really bring out the taste of the amazing meal we just cooked.

Well…there are many health benefits of red wine for women. Who knew?! Our vice isn’t really that much of a naughty vice after all.

Consuming a glass of red wine every day can promote good health and longer life in women.

Red wine could reduce the risk of breast cancer and promote a healthy heart and bone strength. It slows down aging, fights acne and sunburn, and reduces excessive menstrual flow. It can also improve memory in the long run and regular drinkers of red wine stand a lower chance of getting dementia.

With so many health benefits, you can enjoy your favorite Barbera wine more often. Let’s get a deeper understanding of the benefits of red wine for ladies.

1. It Can Relieve Menstrual Cramps

Painful periods, known as Dysmenorrhea, affects close to 95% of women universally. The menstrual cramps are painful and annoying. Every month many women have to endure abdominal pain, upset stomach, faintness, and a shooting pain at the backside. The exact reason is unknown, but according to research, Prostaglandin (PGF) could be the leading cause of Dysmenorrhea.      

A glass of red wine warms the body, channelizes the blood flow, and can slow down excessive bleeding. The redness in wine proves it can ease out excruciating menstrual cramps.     

However, since alcohol is a diuretic,  it increases urination and can cause dehydration. And being dehydrated can make cramps worse and is overall pretty bad for your health. Of course, keep in mind red wine can help ease cramps but drink in moderation. It is not recommended to drink more than a glass a day. 


2. It May Reduce Acne

Antioxidants in wine grapes can help cure acne. According to a study done at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), antioxidants found in grapes and red wine can help clear acne skin on topical application. Antioxidants in red wine can also help in lowering blood pressure.      

Much of the credit goes to resveratrol, an antimicrobial that helps in obstructing acne formation. Resveratrol,in combination with benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria at all levels and is effective in reducing bacteria count. Moreover, resveratrol may also help prevent vision loss because of age syndrome, cataracts, glaucoma, and other ailments.                  

3. It Helps Slow Down Aging

For a woman, the fear of aging signs on her face ruins her sleep. Anti aging treatments are the priority of many women nearing the early 40s. An injection or a wonder cream is not a foolproof formula.

Dr. Richard A. Baxter, a plastic surgeon in Seattle, credits one glass of red wine a day for women to keep age-related diseases at bay. Red wine contains polyphenols and resveratrol that protect the skin from sun damage and harmful radicals that could speed up aging.

4. It Helps You Lose Weight

Red wine suppresses weight gain in women through the hormonal route. A glass of red wine raises the level of two crucial hormones in the body, adiponectin and testosterone. The former hormone burns fat and the latter contributes to muscle building. The combined activity increases your body’s metabolism and burns fat.

There is another research theory behind red wine for weight loss. In one of the findings, Washington State University scientists have shown that grapes and other fruits convert white fat into weight-fighting beige fat. . 

5. Red Wine Promotes Cognitive Abilities

Growing age increases the chances of dementia in women. Research studies confirm the link between a glass of red wine and improved mental reasoning.   

The Northern Manhattan Study was done in a 2,215-research sample size with 69 years, as average age showed positive findings. Red wine intake enhanced mental reasoning in aged ladies as compared to women who never drank wine. Here’s to red wine for brain health! 

6. It Fights Depression

This year especially, has been pretty hard on us. And some are suffering from bouts of depression, while others are having a harder time. We in no way whatsoever recommend turning to wine as the sole solution for dealing with depression, but a glass of red here and there can help.

Of course, do not abuse wine, and do not take in combination with painkillers or anti-depressants. Just know that a glass of red wine here or there can help ease the trials and tribulations of the daily struggle, especially in the cold winter months as we deal with quarantine and lockdowns.

Resveratrol present in red grape skin shuts down depression-causing enzymes. A study conducted at the University of Buffalo sheds light on the impact of resveratrol on neurological problems. Its antidepressant effects regulate stress in humans.   

7. It Can Boost Immunity

Red wine does not suppress the immune system. Low doses of red wine may help increase the anti-inflammatory properties in females, shielding their bodies from seasonal ailments.

Flavonoids in red wine can help ward off flu. They also help regulate the infection-fighting ability of the immune system.     

Again, while wine is definitely a vice that we sometimes indulge in, it’s nice to know that it comes with many health benefits but it doesn’t mean we should throw caution to the wind and imbibe without care.

In fact, if you are concerned about consuming a lot of alcohol, or are exploring a sober curious lifestyle, we recommend trying some alcohol-free wines like this one.

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With nearly 5 years of experience in wine marketing, Harold Camaya is considered a thought leader in digital marketing of luxury wines. From writing, event planning and public relations to videography and digital media. He continues to diversify his skills with changing trends and technologies. On his off days, he likes to spend his time at the nearest animal shelter, lift weights or be nose deep in a novel.

Naughty Nutrition

Naughty Nutrition

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  1. Serena Friedman, M.D.

    In the past the British Medical Journal published the “Polymeal Diet” which lowers cardiovascular mortality by 76%. It included moderate consumption of daily red wine, cold water fish oils, almonds, &dark chocolate. The benefit of red wine was st least a 32% reduced heart attacks and stroke- the leading cause in many age groups of death in both men and women. Other studies suggest reduced prostate cancer, decreased gallstones and reduced colon cancer. Cheers. Serena Friedman, M.D. – wine producer: Four Sisters Ranch – winery and vineyards


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