9 Popular Natural Healing Places Around the World

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This article was submitted by Rebecca Siggers.

Inside Scoop:  Once travel is back on the table, we’ll all need a lot of healing and these are the best places to travel for natural healing. 

Every individual wishes to escape from their catastrophic city lives to go to some cathartically enriched place. Distinct places in the world have cathartic features. Some places inspire while a few places heal. For most of us, traveling means flying to a secluded place, where our mind can rest in a bit of tranquility and rejoice. How hard is it hauling up your roof racks and hitting a place where you can heal yourself? For a couple of years, the concept of self-healing entered the premises of traveling. Today, most of the people explore the world not to deal but to heal. 

Many tourists who are frequent travelers would know the concept of Environmental Therapy. To some people who are suffering from mental sickness, are addicted to something, or facing dilemmas upsetting their lives, nature can help them in healing. The environment helps them restore their health and that too, naturally, with no side effects! Such perfect places on earth are rare, yet once being there is no less than seeing heaven through naked eyes. These places let you feel nature both by your body and soul, travel through your anxieties and convert them into astonishments, and relieve the mind from other stresses. 

You are guessing correctly. This article summarizes the nine most popular natural healing places around the world. Spending time in such sites makes a positive change in the minds of people and proves transformative for the life of a traveler. From medicinal mountains to curative cities to remedial hot springs, this article has all. All these places cater to whatever treatment physical or mental you crave. Read this list till the end and find what all global wonders you would visit in the upcoming year. Let’s take a tour to know these destinations and heal ourselves a little! 

1. Rishikesh City, India

When it comes to natural healing, nothing beats India! The Indian town, in the name of Rishikesh, hides the world’s largest yoga centers, meditation places, and spiritual hubs. Globally renowned as the yoga capital, Rishikesh is the epicenter for yoga aficionados. Rishikesh is a retreat to thousands of tourists every year and generously provides meditation, healing, chanting, and yoga services. The ashrams in Rishikesh savor the Hindu beliefs and let people discover the lost inner self. Through its healing tactics, an individual can reach his conscience, feel peaceful and calmness at once, and naturally heals the mind, body, and soul! 

2. Healing Forests, Japan

Would you believe if I say, a simple walk can make you heal completely inside? If you want to trust this fact, visit the Healing Forests in Japan. Often, people in a distressed mood shut the door and moves out for an evening walk, and they return restored! Well, the scientific study says walking into a foggy forest accompanying trees can improve the immune system. The meditative walk inside the Healing Forests can make sound mental health possible. Japan now has nearly 62 therapeutic forest bases that offer guided healing tours in Japanese and English. If you actually want to feel the energies of a forest, simply step into one, walk carelessly, and find yourself! 

3. The Dead Sea, Israel

For those who merely judge The Dead Sea by its name, it’s a surprise that in reality, it is a lake lying between Israel and Jordan. The saltwater lake has multiple healing elements like potassium, calcium, and magnesium. The natural healing powers of The Dead Sea attracts a global audience to come here and treat their skin condition, asthma problems, and several other issues. The black mud substance provides the deficit minerals to the body. Rinsing off the mineral mud in the saline waters gives you an exceptionally exfoliated skin. The warm air throughout the year passing by The Dead Sea makes a therapeutic gesture for tourists floating on its shallow waters. 

4. Blue Lagoon, Grindavik, Iceland

You can convert your silliness to freshness by experiencing the world’s wonder on your own. Blue Lagoon in Iceland is blue because of its limitless silica particles, and its visuals are damn gorgeous! Stepping into the iconic Blue Lagoon, you feel mesmerized by harmonizing with nature. Well, the Lagoon is like journeying into the Spa of volcanic earth. You will be stress-free, worry-free, and tension-free once you are in the blue waters of Lagoon. Some hotels like Silica Hotel and The Retreat Hotel are some of the best accommodation options there. In the Lava Restaurant, you can enjoy the finest Icelandic cuisine dining by holding your eyes in awe! The restaurant built beside a lava wall has a jaw-dropping location.  

5. Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

The flat summit looks the same as a table when you see it from the Cape Town and Table Bay, is famously known as the Table Mountain – own wonder of Africa! The flat-topped mountain in Southwestern Africa is a favorite place of tourists because of its aerial cable ride taking them to the best healing place at the top of the world. The mountain heights 3,500 feet overlooking the town, the bay, and the ocean vastly. The Lion’s Head (2,195 feet), The Lion’s Rump, and The Devil’s Peak (2,281 feet), all share picture-perfect views with the world. Also, Table Mountain formed out of the sandstone series is called Twelve Apostles, and too, is breathtaking! 

6. Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Natural healing is an impeccable phenomenon, and Bali is unbeatable! The hotspot among the couple who would not stop loving each other on their honeymoon in Bali is the place where God himself dwells. ‘The Islands of God’ is the other name for Bali, and Ubud is more like a spiritual getaway in Bali. Where the temples’ history goes back to centuries, the shamans, yoga centers, art classes, and nutritional food, awaits tourists for hospitality like forever. During springs, the days in Bali cut the atmospheric noise, initiates the calmness, and makes you feel divine. Book a stay in Ubud’s eco-resort and experience Balinese religious ceremonies. Once you escape to Ubud’s healer, you’ll feel doing it every time! 

7. Pamukkale Hot Springs, Turkey

When you look at the air balloon festival of Turkey, you feel taken away to paradise. Similarly, the Hot Springs in Turkey is the definition of pure existence on this planet. The supernatural terraced springs with a stroke of white water look are unbelievable to human eyes. They are beautiful outside and full of virtue inside. Taking a dip into these naturally beneficial springs can help you relieve asthma, blood pressure, arthritis, and lower energy levels. This UNESCO World Heritage Site should be on your list with no hesitation. You only need to grab a bathing suit and deep dive into the thermal pools of unlimited energy! 

8. Ayers Rock, Uluru, Australia

No list of healing places around the world can complete without topping a naturally adorned place like Australia. So, here it is the last on the list but the most magnificent of all. Honored by the name of Ayers Rock or Uluru Rock, the stone is exclusively holy for the belonging Anangu people who worship it and protect it. The 1,142 feet high rock is unable to climb because of the very reason to reserve its ancestral and holy significance. The stone reflects multifarious tints at the time of sunset and sunrise and is a spectacular source of magical powers. A few experienced travelers convince the crowd with their words on the healing powers of the mainland of Ayers Rock and its pure vibe. An open ground encircles the stone for about 512 square miles, which is as peaceful as the stone itself! 

9. Shrine of Pele, Hawaii

Hawaii, the home to stunning scenic beauty, is among the top-notch destinations in traveler’s to-visit list. The amicable atmosphere in Hawaii is fascinating, but some of its pious places are surreal. Amid them, one is the Shrine of Pele. The rustic carvings on the hard lava on the largest petroglyphs fields are the worshipping place of Hawaiians since the known history. These fields nestle in most sacred Kilauea volcanoes. The Volcano-goddess Pele is an inseparable part of Kilauea volcanoes and has a shining crater at the top of it with no pain but only pleasure. Not only can you admire the gods of Hawaiians but also set your mind in solace for a while in the Shrine of Pele. 

Final Words 

Well, you now have the list of nine healing places around the world, you can be assured of peace and pleasure every time. Whenever you bust out of life stresses, book a holiday escape to any of these natural healers. The creator has left these places full of contentment and calmness. The only two things the human soul needs after a bustling life! Never compromise your travel plans by not going to such enticing places that heals. 

Rebecca Siggers

Rebecca has been closely studying the travel industry trends from quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes interest in penning down her views providing quality insight on current travel trends and also likes to write about food and beverages, particularly wine. 

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