9 Work-from-Home Wellbeing Tips to Maximize Your Effectiveness

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This article was submitted by Jacky Xu. Jacky is the Chief Operating Officer at Maid Sailors Maid Service Chicago.

We’ve all (most of us anyway) been working from home for some time now, and with the looks of things, we’ll be working from home for at least the remainder of the year. With companies like Twitter and Square announcing indefinite WFH it’s looking like it’s time to invest in our home office setups.

With more people starting to work from home, there is also an increasing number of those who are neglecting their well-being.

At first, they thought that the work-from-home situation is a blessing that gives them more free time. What happens instead is that the line between home and work became blurry.

This situation affects your personal life, and it also affects the quality of the work that you produce. Neglecting your well-being will reduce your effectiveness in all aspects of your life. If you want to improve your work and personal experience, you need to take active steps towards it.

Here are nine work-from-home tips for your well-being that will help maximize your effectiveness.

1. Stick to a daily schedule

Working from home doesn’t mean that you should spend your workday as if it is an ordinary day. Hence, it is vital to create a daily work routine and stick to it. Otherwise, you’ll find it challenging to create boundaries between work life and personal life.

Although working from home gives us more flexibility, having self-discipline is also crucial.

One way to remain disciplined would be to create and then stick to a daily schedule. A regular schedule allows you to figure out when you need to start working. Moreover, it also lets you know when you should finish working for the day.

Check out some of these daily planners that we absolutely love and swear by:


2. Create a to-do list

Much like creating a daily schedule, having a to-do list allows you to add more structure to your workday. Although a plan can help you figure out how your workday flow would be, it doesn’t tell you what you need to prioritize. A to-do list can help you figure out the tasks that need prioritizing in your day. Whether you want to use pen and paper or get an app on your phone to track daily tasks, as long as you jot down your priorities each workday, it should be fine. The best time to create your to-do list would be the night before so that you can start the day knowing what you need to do.  

3. Dedicate a workspace

Whether it’s a whole home office or a desk and chair at one corner of the room, you need to have a dedicated workspace. If you want to be productive at home, you need to have a dedicated workspace. That way, it puts you in the right mindset. It also lets everyone else know that you are in work mode, so they shouldn’t disturb you. Figure out your peak hours Not everyone has some work style. Some people work best in the evenings while others work better in the morning. To help you be most efficient, you should figure out your peak hours and work during those hours. That way, you aren’t spending hours of your day not accomplishing anything because those aren’t your productive hours.

4. Avoid unhealthy snacking

Being comfortable working from home can make you too comfortable to the point that you get into a habit of unhealthy snacking.

Instead, you should make the most out of your kitchen. Prep healthy snacks you can eat when you need something to nibble on during the middle of your workday.

Check out some of ur favorite snacks that we like to keep handy:

5. Create a healthy reward system

Rewarding yourself makes it easier for you to stay motivated when working. However, it would be best if you controlled yourself. Otherwise, it can be addicting since the reward system can give you a dopamine hit.

Thus, you should create a healthy reward system for yourself.

6. Take breaks in-between

It would be best to take the same breaks when you’re in the office, even when you’re working from home. Taking breaks allows you to rest your eyes and stretch your legs for a while. Plus, it gives you a mental break from work as well.

7. Check-in with your colleagues

Checking in with your colleagues will allow you to have someone to bounce ideas off of for your work. Aside from that, it keeps you responsible over the work that you’re doing since someone’s there to check your work with you.

8. Prioritize sleep

Ensure that you’re able to prioritize your sleep. Don’t get swept away by people who brag about how little sleep they get and still live their lives. Your body needs at least six to eight hours of sleep to live a healthy life. 

Final Thoughts

Working from home shouldn’t be as bad as it is for your well-being. With the help of these work-from-home tips, you can have better work and personal life moving forward.

Try and be more proactive towards achieving a well-rounded experience when working from home. And you’re going to have an easier time working in that situation moving forward.


Jacky Xu

Jacky Xu is the Chief Operating Officer at Maid Sailors Maid Service Chicago. Maid Sailors take pride in providing unparalleled cleaning services at affordable prices and will help transform your house into a home.

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