5 Beauty Essentials to Pack for a Last-Minute Getaway

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Inside Scoop: Here’s the beauty essentials you really need to pack for a last-minute getaway.

This post was submitted by Sophia Smith, beauty and style blogger, an eco-lifestyle lover, graphic designer and a DIY enthusiast. .

If you’re a spontaneous gal who loves to travel, we’re sure that last-minute getaway trips are your cup of tea, right? If your answer is ‘yes’, just keep on reading because there’s a list of five beauty essentials you should pack for such a trip. Check them out and pack your cosmetic bag like a true pro this time!


Must Have Beauty Essentials for a Last-Minute Getaway


Beauty essential #1: Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the most important beauty product that has found its rightful place on our list, and the reasons for that are more than good. Did you know that the sun’s rays can speed up the process of aging and result in new wrinkles and fine lines? That’s right, which is why your sunscreen is the first thing you should pack. Just make sure to re-apply it regularly – every 2 hours or even more often if you’re spending a lot of time in the water, and you’ll have nothing to worry about when it comes to your skin. Besides that, you need to apply sunscreen all year round, not only during summer, so bear that in mind as well!

Beauty essential #2: Tinted moisturizer

The next beauty essential you need to have in your cosmetic bag is a tinted moisturizer. This is a 2-in-1 or it can even be a 3-in-1 product with sunscreen that performs well on almost all skin types, so give it a try and you’ll see what we were talking about.

Contrary to foundations, which can be very thick and heavy on the skin, a tinted moisturizer won’t clog your pores and make your face look cakey. Instead, it will smooth out your skin and moisturize it to the max, while providing enough coverage at the same time. Such a product is quite lightweight, which means that it’ll look very natural and stunning on your skin. That’s exactly what you’re looking for, right?

Beauty essential #3: Black mascara

In case you weren’t aware of it, we must say that just one coat of black mascara can do wonders for your appearance, which is why this product needs to find this place in your cosmetic bag no matter where you go.

A good mascara will make your eyelashes darker, thicker, longer, and more voluminous, so be sure to find the perfect one that works best for your personal needs. Besides that, you should also look for a smudge-proof formula that won’t result in the infamous panda eyes by the end of the day. However, if you’ve run out of your mascara and you don’t have enough time to wander around, you should definitely choose to buy mascara online instead. This is a great way to get your favorite mascara delivered to your doorstep before the trip, so do it and you won’t regret it!

Beauty essential #4: Matte bronzer

A matte bronzer is another beauty essential that should always be in your cosmetic bag, so find the perfect shade according to your skin tone and type. For example, powder bronzers are a great choice for normal, oily, and combination skin. On the other hand, ladies with dry skin should choose cream bronzers, whereas those with very oily skin should pick liquid formulas.

As for the shade, there are warm, cool, and neutral undertones, so make a decision according to your skin’s undertone. A bronzer is a product that should give your skin a sun-kissed look, which is why you should apply it on the highest points of your face. Those are the apples of your cheeks, your forehead, and the bridge of your nose. A matte bronzer is always a better choice as it’ll help you achieve a natural look, so go for it if that’s your ultimate goal. Just try not to overdo it, as applying too much bronzer often seems very muddy and patchy!

Alternatively, you can also look into an invisible glow powder that’s suitable for all skin types.


Beauty essential #5: Multi-purpose lip and cheek tint

Last but certainly not least, a multi-purpose makeup product such as a lip and cheek tint is a huge must-have as well, so don’t forget to pack it, too. So, instead of bringing individual products such as a blush for your cheeks and several different lipsticks for your lips, you should save up some space in your cosmetic bag and pack only one product for everything!

That’s right, there are so many multi-purpose products which are beyond great for last-minute trips, as these can be easily smoothed onto the cheeks, lips, and even eyelids for a gorgeous makeup look. So, if you’re all about multi-purpose makeup products, give this one a fair shot and you won’t be disappointed!

As you can tell, there are so many beauty essentials every girl should have, but these five are absolutely inevitable when it comes to packing for a last-minute getaway. So, if you’ve just decided to take a break and travel a little bit, all you need to do is to pack these five products in your cosmetic bag. Once that’s done, you’re all done and good to go – at least when it comes to this part of packing!


Sophia Smith is beauty and style blogger, an eco-lifestyle lover, graphic designer and a DIY enthusiast. She is very passionate about natural skincare, minimalist wardrobe, yoga and mindful living. Sophia writes mostly about beauty-related topics in her articles. She has contributed to a number of publications including: Eco Warrior Princess, Viva Glam Magazine, How to Simplify and Carousel. You can find out more about her writing by following her on: Facebook & Twitter.

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