The Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis

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Inside Scoop: While it’s not as common or popular yet, there are many benefits of juicing cannabis.

This post was submitted by Winston Peki, a marijuana enthusiast and vaporizer expert.

The cannabis plant is an incredible health supplement and the newest superfood. There are many ways to reap the benefits of the cannabis plant’s leaves and buds.

Anyone who has been listening can’t help but be aware of the potential health benefits of cannabis. It’s known to reduce nausea and inflammation and relieve pain. Other possible health benefits include cancer-reducing properties and relief for autoimmune disorders like lupus.

When most people think of cannabis, they envision smoking or vaping marijuana. When cannabis is heated, it produces the chemicals THC and CBD. These give off the “high” marijuana is known for and can be used to relieve pain and discomfort.

However, when raw cannabis is consumed without being heated, these chemicals are not produced. Rather, they stay in their natural form which is the cannabinoids, THCA and CBDA. This means tremendous health benefits can be derived without any effect from the natural high of heated marijuana, similar to CBD supplements that have been getting a lot of buzz this year, because they do have the active CBD compound but they don’t get you high.

For those seeking greater health benefits from cannabis, as well as those who want to pursue its excellent medicinal properties without becoming high, juicing raw cannabis is another great option.



Raw cannabis is a plant product. Like other vegetables, many health benefits go hand-in-hand with consuming it. It is a known fact that some raw vegetables are more nutrient-dense than cooked vegetables. Steaming, baking or boiling can reduce the natural enzymes, vitamins, and minerals found in many leafy vegetables.

When heated, cannabis loses some of its natural health benefits.

Raw cannabis is a nutritional powerhouse. The seeds contain fatty acids, protein, and vitamins. The leaves are full of antioxidants and minerals. It has more varieties of plant phytochemicals than most other plants, and over 70 different cannabinoids and 120 different terpenoids. Raw cannabis also contains acidic cannabinoids which provide therapeutic effects.


Studies imply that high doses of cannabis might have exceptional health benefits. In the past, the normal method of cannabis use was to smoke or vape it. These heated methods induced psychoactive effects.

Juicing cannabis means patients can safely ingest higher doses of cannabinoids. The higher dose gives a significant boost to the immune system as well as cell production. High doses of cannabis may offer help for multiple other health conditions including insomnia, fatigue, depression, and anxiety, and it may also help with cancer, diabetes, dementia and immune system disorders.



The type of cannabis you buy at the store for recreational use is not the same as raw cannabis. In order to use raw cannabis for juicing you need to find a grower. You can also grow your own if legally permitted to do so.

The fresh leaves and buds of the marijuana plant exhibit strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and cancer-fighting properties. Cannabis is one of the only external sources we have for cannabinoids, and juicing it is one of the best ways to ingest this superfood.

The fresher the plant, the better, so using it within a few hours of harvesting is ideal. Once the cannabis has been juiced, it’ s best to drink it within a couple of days.

Many people wonder how to discern if their cannabis is fresh. There are a few things to look for.


  • Clear glands on the flowers, instead of amber colored glands.
  • It has not been dried.
  • Green leaves, stems, and flowers.


Juicing has been a popular trend for years. When it comes to marijuana, the typical methods of consumption destroy many of the nutrients contained in the plant, making juicing a natural progression.

The best way to consume raw cannabis is through juicing which is a discreet and effective way to get the benefits of the cannabinoids. There are a few ways to juice cannabis.

  • Use a blender or juicer. If you are using leaves only, it can be best to use a juicer. However, if you are using flowers or buds along with the leaves, it might be best to start with the blender then strain out the pulp. It is recommended you consume both leaves and buds or flowers, for the most health benefits.
  • Mix with other ingredients. Cannabis has a strong flavor, and to make it a bit tastier, you can blend the cannabis with other vegetables such as sweet potatoes, celery or carrots. You can also try blending it with juices, either fruit or vegetable, or adding it to your smoothies.

Experts recommend consuming 15 leaves and up to one or two buds a day in small portions.



While smoking cannabis is known to produce more immediate benefits, consuming raw cannabis generally takes a little more time to see results. Some benefits might be seen after just a few days, while the majority of health benefits might take a few weeks. This is because the nutrients found in raw cannabis need time to build up in the system.

Some people may worry over the possibility of overdosing on cannabis if taken in high concentrations. Like other vegetables, there’s no threat of overdose. However, cannabis can interact with various medications and in some cases even bodily systems like the production of liver enzymes. If you have any concerns, it’s always best to speak with a medical professional before consumption of any food, herb or supplement.

Research on the benefits and effects of raw cannabis is limited. However, there are many anecdotal testimonials to be found on the benefits. The most noteworthy, perhaps, are the testimonies of Dr. William Courtney and his wife, Kristen. Both have used raw cannabis as medicine. Dr. Courtney gives witness to the many patients he has helped—both as an active treatment and as a preventative treatment, and he recommends daily consumption. His wife Kristen used raw cannabis juice to treat her systemic lupus. She testifies that after using this treatment, her symptoms of pain and fatigue lessened significantly.

Cannabis is quickly gaining respect in the health and medical industries as more is becoming known about the benefits of natural medicines. This means that overall, juicing raw cannabis is an excellent way to consume this plant. The possible benefits are numerous, and for those seeking a holistic approach to their health, it makes an excellent staple to their everyday diet.

Winston Peki

Winston Peki is a marijuana enthusiast and vaporizer expert. Born and raised in Amsterdam, he grew up in a cannabis-friendly climate and learned quickly what a great ally this plant can be. He believes vaping cannabis and cannabis-based products is the easiest, safest and most straightforward alternative to smoking it. He is the Founder of Herbonaut, an informative vaporizer and cannabis-based products site where you can find vaporizer reviews, CBD oil reviews and more.

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