Inside scoop: We rounded up 10 nutrition experts to hear their opinion on the best non-toxic deodorant out there.


You know what is not fun?

Trying to find the best non-toxic-deodorant that actually works. If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent quite a bit of money at the health food store by picking up a deodorant that is ‘Aluminum-Free’, made with all kinds of essential oils, having a decent price point, and trusting in your big plans and dreams for it.

Then you put it on, and it’s not bad. You don’t necessarily stink… per se.

So, you wear it 1 day, it’s a mild day, and it’s not too bad. Then you wake up the next day, lift your pit and there’s a huge red rash all the way down your arm and you think to yourself WTF?!?! All I wanted was an effective natural deodorant.

Not being able to find the best non-toxic deodorant is quite common for a lot of people, and reacting to certain ingredients in natural deodorants is also quite common. But, you may also find these issues when on the hunt for the best of the best in the non-toxic deodorant world:

  • You just plain stink, pretty much all day
  • You pour buckets of sweat, so you might not stink but you are drenched… which is straight up embarrassing in the summer
  • The deodorant works, but you’re spending half your salary just to keep up with it
  • Your homemade concoctions just won’t do

So, you know as well as we do that finding best non-toxic-deodorant isn’t the easiest thing to do.


The theory of conventional antiperspirants and the link to breast cancer has been widely promoted as of late. Most conventional antiperspirants use aluminum in their products as a way to block the sweat ducts and it’s what prevents you from perspiring.

It’s been suggested that aluminum may have a direct effect on breast tissue, and because the antiperspirants are used so close to the breast, aluminum can play a role in the growth of breast cancer cells. Unfortunately, studies are yet to prove this to be true, but there are not enough studies out there to support or disprove this. So, the question is… to take the risk or not take the risk?

Aluminium is known to have a genotoxic profile, capable of causing both DNA alterations and epigenetic effects, and this would be consistent with a potential role in breast cancer if such effects occurred in breast cells.”

– PubMed

In our opinion, we would rather spend our life using a product that’s more naturally derived with compounds that are proven safe for human use. But finding a deodorant that can live up to this task, doesn’t always prove to be an easy thing.

Luckily we have access to some pretty amazing nutrition experts (who have been au natural for quite some time) and we’ve rounded up 10 of them to dish out their favourite non-toxic deodorant brands!

We also did some testing ourselves.


Like a Boss” by Routine is by far my favourite!! I have tried many over the years and this one not only smells awesome and goes on great, it works like a charm!”

– Theresa Dixon, from Naturally Grounded Nutrition

“I like the Takesumi Detox by Kaia. It’s a bit of a commitment to get started (takes about 4-6 weeks to eliminate any excess BO) but once I was on track, it worked great. Plus, the bonus is it’s a good time of year to start it, so by the summer when you’re lighter dressed you won’t worry about any smells.”

– Kelly J. Montgomery, Institute of Holistic Nutrition Graduate

best non-toxic deodorant

“I’m in love with Potion by Element Botanicals. Yes, it does have baking soda (I hear you on your dislike of baking soda, but this brand is different.) My armpits feel like they’ve been to the spa, and the lemon vanilla scent smells like cake frosting. But made with gorgeous all-natural ingredients like kombucha(!), rosehip, green tea, plantain, camomile, silk powder, comfrey, carrot tissue oil, and vanilla bean. The trick is that you don’t need much… if you apply too liberally, you’ll end up with that baking soda mess you don’t want! Just one (max two) swipes does the trick… I sometimes use my fingers to make sure I’ve rubbed it in well to get full coverage.”

– Joanna Bowen, from Joanna Bowen Wellness 

best non-toxic deodorant

“I have 4 different deos on my online shop — two are made by Green Beaver and 2 are made in Toronto! All are joyous and they work! People who have sensitive skin I always recommend avoiding baking soda based deos, but they work amazingly well.”

– Joy McCarthy, founder of Joyous Health, Certified Holistic Nutritionist


best non-toxic deodorant

“I love Saje deodorant sprays. Just mineral salts and essential oils. What is key is to focus on what you are putting in your body. What goes in, must come out. :)”

– Reb Shep, IHN graduate and founder of Colectivo Wellness 

best non-toxic-deodorant

“I work for the company but the Botanical Therapeutic liquid deodorant from Carina Organics is amazing! 3 ingredients: filtered water, pine extract and potassium alum (natural mineral salt). Second place winner in the Cert Clean Awards – odour care category. I spin 4x/ week and have never had any issues.”

– Samantha Cohen, founder of Samantha Cohen Nutrition 

This brand so far is Jenni’s favourite – she’s the sensitive types (likes long walks on the beach etc.) kidding, she gets mad pit rash with certain brands and found this one really works.


“I make my own – all natural and I don’t use any baking soda, instead I use magnesium as the deodorizer. Just got home from 2 weeks in Sydney Australia where it was hot as and I didn’t stink at all!”

– Aly Lewis, founder of Skinspired Society 

“The baking soda free Routine options and the Saje brand deodorants are great! They last throughout the day and don’t cause rashes like so many of the baking soda ones do.”

– Dannielle Philipson, founder of Vitality Nutrition 

I’ve tried MANY different ones and made my own. But the two that I found work the best are: Crystal Clear by Nature’s Sunshine and  Schmidt’s No rash issues like with other natural and homemade ones, and tested in very sweaty salsa club environment ;)”

Evelina Hovich, founder of Evelina Hovich Nutrition & Mindset Coaching For Dancers 

Mirna “Generally baking soda based deodorants work best for me, but many can still be quite harsh even though I don’t get a rash. I was so pleasantly surprised to find that one of my favourites now is made right here in Toronto by a fellow nutritionist, Joy McCarthy at Joyous Health. The Lovely Lavender Cream is different from other baking soda based deos as it’s very gentle, moisturizing and goes on without the mess. It has calming scent and leaves minimal white marks. By the end of a long day, I was still smelling and feeling fresh.”

Jenni “I have serious pit issues with certain brands, and so far I’ve found Botanical Therapeutic liquid deodorant from Carina Organics, and Zion Health Clay Dry deodorant have worked the best. Carina’s deodorant is amazing and stopping the sweat, but it’s unscented so you may still smell with it. However, Zion’s Clay Dry Eucalyptus Mint is seriously divine! It gives your pits a cooling effect (from the eucalyptus) and I can smell it for hours.”

– Jenni & Mirna, Co-founders of Naughty Nutrition 

Keeping in mind that no one person is the same, and that we all sweat differently, you may find some of these deodorant suggestions work, and others don’t, but it’s a good place to start when considering finding the best non-toxic-deodorant out there.

For us, some trial and error was needed (and still in progress), but our natural deodorant game is now on-point.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve tried any of the above brands or have any questions or concerns with deodorants.

Naughty Nutrition

Naughty Nutrition


  1. Annie Noonan

    I use teatree oil, neat. It is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral. Really helps if I have developed a rash. Some people who are more sensitive may need to dilute it.
    Peace and Love Annie

    • Naughty Nutrition

      Great suggestions. I’ve used tea tree oil for my face but it also makes sense as a natural deo. Thank you for sharing Annie 🙂


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