10 Best Partner Workouts For Power Couples

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Inside Scoop: 10 of the best partner workouts to add to your fitness routine.

This post was submitted by Brooke Collits, GSDiamonds blog editor who loves travelling, sightseeing, listening to rock music, reading all the latest fiction novels.

According to men’s health, couples that sweat together, stay together.

Sure dinner under the moonlight, date nights and watching movies together can be a great way to strengthen these bonds, but working out together will give you a new understanding of your partner. If you exercise together, you can push each other to greater levels.

Most of the workouts in this list are created to be competitive and will help you see that you can push yourselves to be better in terms of your physical strength. Even if you are just starting out, you are much more likely to see results when you work out with someone whether your partner or a friend than when doing it alone. Your partner will encourage you to stay on track and you can motivate each other to stay on schedule too! So, what are some of the best partner workouts out there? Here’s the list.


10 Best Partner Workouts


Squat Jumps

Works: Hamstrings, gluteals, quadriceps, lower back, core

Equipment: None

How to do it: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and do a regular squat, engage your core and jump as high as you can. Once you are down, lower yourself into the squat position. This is one rep. It should be done at a fast pace to keep the heart rate high. If you are advanced, you can make these jumps difficult by switching up the squat with high-knee jumps.

Push up cross high five

Works: Core, shoulder, chest and triceps

Equipment: None

How to do it: Start in plank position, do a push up and high five your partner. Always ensure your shoulders are down and away from your ears and that your core is engaged during the entire set.

Team work

Works: All muscles

How to do it: Tie your partner and yourself as if you are doing the three-legged race and:

  • Do 20 pushups together
  • 20 pullups
  • 30 air squats
  • 25 step ups
  • 30 situps

While at it, you can try the complete burpee together to see how well you can work.

Burpee Challenge

Works: Gluteus, chest, shoulders, core

Equipment: None

How to do it: In this one, you and your partner trade off burpees for 20 seconds and jogging in place for 20 seconds. While one person is doing burpees, the other is jogging in place. You do this for a total of 2 minutes, and then take a 30-60 second break and repeat.

Plank challenge

Works: Core, shoulders, hips

Equipment: None

How it works: Partners challenge each other to do three reps of 1 minute planks. If one partner stops, the other must stop with them and start again when ready.

Box jumps

Works: Full legs, arms

Equipment: Box, bench

How it works: These are simple. You jump on the box together so that when one person is on the box the other partner is on the ground. These are great for a warm-up before you get to other exercises on this list.

Pull ups

Works: Lats, biceps, upper back, forearms

Equipment: Bar

How to do it: Pull ups are simple workouts that you and your partner can challenge yourself. The stronger one can assist the weaker one when they need help. Remember to pull yourself up in a slow and stable motion.

Squat & Rotate

Works: Legs, core

Equipment: Weighted plate

How to do it: Stand back to back and lower into a squat position. Partner A starts by holding the ball and rotating to their right side. Partner B rotates to their left side to receive the ball and then to the opposite side to pass it again.

Sit up with ball pass

Works: Core, arms, legs

Equipment: Medicine ball

How to do it: Partners lie down facing each other with knees bent and their ankles overlapping. One partner is holding the ball overhead and then both partners sit up. The partner with the medicine ball passes it on. Both partners lower down and the partner with the ball extends it over the head and lightly taps it on the ground before repeating the move again. Do 15 to 20 reps.

The proposal

Works: Core, triceps, legs

Equipment: Weighted plate

How to do it: Choose a plate that you can both be comfortable with. Both of you start doing walking lunges towards each other. As one person does normal walking lunges, the other one carries the plate. You exchange the plate when you meet halfway and continue. Aim for 20 walking lunges per set.

Try the workouts on this list, and you will be surprised just how many aspects of your relationship will be improved. You can choose indoor or outdoor activities that will help you stay fit and strong together. And lastly, don’t forget the importance post workout recovery to give your muscles time to rest.

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