5 Breakfast Myths You Should Stop Believing

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Inside Scoop: Is breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Will it will help you eat less throughout the day? Here are breakfast myths you should stop believing.

This post was submitted by John Moran, a small business owner who resides in Scotland and likes to write about up and coming entrepreneurial topics. .

Every time you look at the clock in the morning, the first thing that comes to mind is not breakfast. It’s likely how fast you need to get ready for work, drop your kiddos to school, and get a hit of coffee so you can survive another day. You are not alone. According to research, 31 million Americans skip breakfast every day because they were too busy to eat, or they didn’t have enough time.

For decades, breakfast has been praised as the most important meal of the day, and although so many people skip it, is this statement correct? Is breakfast the king of meals? Today, we debunk some of the most common breakfast myths and shed some light on the truth.


5 breakfast myths


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

While this is not entirely false, it is also not entirely true. Breakfast is an integral part of the day because as you sleep, your body enters a fast and uses reserve energy to keep vital organs going. Eating when you wake up starts your metabolic system, but the meals that follow during the day are equally important. However, how you break the fast in the morning matters. It’s less about eating in the morning and more about what you eat in the morning and throughout the day. Whether you divide your meals into three or two doesn’t matter if you will eat healthy balanced portions that put into consideration your total calorie intake. Include power foods such as fruits, veggies and whole grains as well as foods that help you control your hunger, such as eggs, avocados, nuts, seeds and yogurt. The bottom line is, skipping breakfast is not recommended for most of us, and you must be careful about what you eat.

Drinking coffee will dehydrate you

There is no doubt that coffee is on a lot of people’s list of breakfast beverages. People say that drinking coffee for breakfast will dehydrate you however, this is a myth. Drinking coffee and other caffeine-containing drinks doesn’t cause excess loss of body fluids. It will have a mild effect, and create the need to urinate, but caffeinated drinks don’t necessarily cause dehydration when consumed in moderation. If you prefer a cup of espresso in the morning, go ahead and enjoy your Moka pot coffee (my favourite) in peace. Moka pot brewed coffee is dark, intense, and thick, which is what many of us choose to kickstart the day. When buying a moka pot, be careful to choose a safe design, good material, and one that holds capacity for at least a full cup of coffee. If you aren’t sure how to choose, you can rely on credible buyer’s guide for information. A good guide will have clear information and highlight the most valuable aspects of each pot.


Eating breakfast will help you eat less

The truth is, there is no guarantee you will reduce your calorie intake in the afternoon and dinner just because you had breakfast. According to researchers, people who skip breakfast are usually hungrier at lunch than those who eat a high-carb or high-fiber breakfast. However, people who eat breakfast don’t necessarily eat fewer calories during the day although they may be better able to control cravings. Packing your breakfast with protein, healthy fats and whole grains can help curb cravings throughout the day. If you have eaten a healthy and hearty breakfast but still find yourself munching during the day, it’s likely not because you are hungry but because of boredom, stress, convenience, or other reasons.

Eating healthy breakfast requires a lot of preparation

This is one of the biggest breakfast myths. While meals such as dinner may require more preparation, you definitely don’t have to overcomplicate your breakfast recipes. There are tons of on-the-go breakfast ideas you can try that will save you time if you are in a rush. For instance, a bowl of fruit salad takes with some nuts and yogurt a couple of minutes to prepared as does a fruit smoothie. Choose fruits that are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals and couple it with protein and fats from nuts and seeds.


Skipping breakfast helps with weight loss

Skipping breakfast doesn’t have any significant impact on weight loss. In the end, whether you eat breakfast or not will be a personal choice based on how you feel and how your body reacts to eating versus skipping breakfast. Some of us may do great with just a fruit on the go, while others may need to have a hearty avocado and eggs toast. Breakfast like all other nutrition recommendations should be based and tailored to the individual.

Breakfast is associated with tons of myths, but we hope by debunking some of them, you are clear how to plan your meals.

John Moran

John Moran is a small business owner who resides in Scotland and likes to write about up and coming entrepreneurial topics. You’ll likely find John in the comments section of any major business publication sparking debate and trying to keep things interesting!


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