Want Amazing Skin? Try Going Natural with Carina Organics

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“Formulated entirely from nature”

We kick off our third Local Feature Friday with another truly inspiring natural beauty line, Carina Organics.

Just like our interview with Consonant Skincare, Carina is completely, 100% clean, and harnesses the healing powers of her lady mother nature for their personal care products. We’re not all foodie this, and weight loss that, we truly believe that the products we apply to our bodies should be just as mindful as the food we decide to put in. And Carina is a company that resonates with our beliefs, which is why we love their stuff!

“We take great pride in using the highest quality ingredients possible in our formulations. A personal “hands-on” approach is taken when selecting and harvesting the proper tree essences, herbs, plants, fruits, flowers and vegetables.”


1) As Nutritionists, we like to emphasise the importance of clean ingredients in skincare and body products and we know that it has been your central focus and philosophy since 1972. How has your brand evolved throughout the years and what is Carina Organics’ purpose or mission today?

Over the years we have been able to have a clean set of ingredients through trial and error and careful formulation. As part of how we are moving forward, we are always on the lookout for certified organic ingredients to replace the few that we have that are not.


2) We love supporting local products, that’s why we get so excited when we find a line that is local but also clean, toxin free and works wonders for our body. Can you tell us a little bit more on where you source your product ingredients? Where is the production facility?

We source ingredients with a focus on local first, our Pine Extract for instance is hand harvested outside of Whistler, where we take the sap from the side of the trees and make a traditional extract. The rest of our ingredients come from the U.S., Europe and South America. All of the ingredients make their way to North Vancouver where we prepare them for market.


3) Can you tell us what makes Carina Organics stand out in terms of your focus on therapeutic lines for specific skin conditions?

Botanical Therapeutic was formulated as a natural alternative to Cortisone cream. These products contain about 10 times the pine extract that we harvest from Whistler area which makes them very effective for supporting and nourishing skin.

4) We see that you also have a ‘Baby Care’ line. Why do you believe that baby skincare is of utmost importance?

Babies are the most susceptible to environmental toxicity because they are so small. That’s why it is important to make sure that every product that is used with Baby is toxin free. This will ensure that the baby has the best chance for developing in a healthy way. Our products are entirely free of toxins and so they are a great option to that end.


5) As well as baby care, you also focus on hair care, which is something that a lot of people don’t consider. Could you explain why what you wash and style your hair with is just as important as what you put on your skin?

Anything that we put on our bodies is absorbed one way or another. From the air we breath to the food we eat, it is important to think about toxic load. Going with Toxin Free as much as possible, or choosing a few certified organic ingredients at the local store are ways that we can actively reduce our toxic load. Choosing toxin free body care is another way to reduce the load and maintain health.

6) We’re absolutely in love with your Unscented Hydrating Skin/Hand Cream. It’s so light, dries in seconds and is very hydrating. Could you tell us what your favourite product is? Also, what’s your best seller?

Our bestselling products are the Sweet Pea Shampoo and Conditioner. They have a very unique natural Sweet Pea extract that scents them. The scent reminds me of younger days standing in field in the summer, fresh and clean. My favorite product is our deodorant, Distillate of Potassium Alum (the stone you wet and rub under your arms), unscented, and for me it simply works. Many people struggle to find a good deodorant, so perhaps this will save someone a bit of time.


7) Give us the scoop, what new products do you have in the pipeline?

At the moment we have nothing new on the books. We do have a few products in the formulations phase, our men’s line, and a product that will unblock the pores in the scalp to promote increased hair and scalp health.



Carina Organics has a neat Ingredients Glossary on their website, which shows you the type of botanicals they use in their products, and how each ingredient benefits the human body. We just love that! Make sure you check it out so you can see just how awesome botanicals are!

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