How To Make Fermented Turmeric & CBD Infused Latte

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Inside Scoop: Check out our top tips on making a fermented turmeric CBD infused latte.


It’s been a hot minute since cannabis got legalized here in Canada. I don’t talk politics much, but I really don’t hide the fact that I am excited about our progressive nature. Why? Well I am someone who:

  • Has a prescription for CBD to treat anxiety
  • Understand cannabis is a medicinal therapy, and knows that it has been used by plenty of different cultures in a medicinal manner for centuries
  • Looks forward to watching the research unfold now that there is more freedom to run studies

Which is why I am surprised that we’re not talking more about cooking with CBD up in here!

First thing you need to know is that CBD  is not for everyone. I use it for my chronic (and often debilitating anxiety/ stress). I also get mine medically prescribed and know that the oil I am getting is of the highest quality.

CBD is still in its preliminary research stages, but so far these studies are giving insight into using CBD as a therapy for a variety of issues, from topically on skin, to anxiety, postpartum depression, PTSD, epilepsy, chemo related nausea, fibromyalgia and so on…

Please take note: I would recommend talking to your doctor, because prescription is not only a higher quality oil, but it’s also way cheaper, and you need to know whether or not CBD is right for you. However, if you would like to visit a dispensary, pop by a local one and ask the sales clerk to give you some background on their CBD lines before you purchase, you can do that as well.



I personally am not one to infuse CBD into baked goods, or anything that needs to be cooked in a rather large batch, mostly because I find it outrageously pricey. For the effect of the CBD to take place you would need to infuse quite a bit of CBD into something that large, which makes me feel that it would be more effective to just consume it sublingually or via capsules.

However, in the afternoon, after I’ve been sitting at my computer for a while, or if I feel my stress building up, I really do enjoy adding CBD into the form of a Turmeric CBD infused latte.

However, I don’t just go around infusing CBD into my beverages willy nilly, there are some general rules that apply to CBD to get the full benefit, so here are a couple of things that I’ve learned:




CBD is better absorbed into your blood stream if you consume it with a fat, that’s why this Fermented Turmeric CBD infused latte is perfect, because I added in a full fat coconut milk as a creamer. I wouldn’t recommend adding CBD to something like a soda or raw juice, as you may not be receiving the full benefits of the oil.




You don’t need a lot. I use 100% pure CBD oil (which means that it’s been extracted and that’s all there is), and with my afternoon CBD infused latte I tend to put in just .01mg of CBD. However, everyone has a different tolerance to CBD.

First off, consuming a large amount will not get you high, but it still promotes a feeling of relaxation, and one of the reported side effects is drowsiness. My CBD tolerance throughout the day (before I just feel like I want to hangout on my couch and watch TV) is around .04mg divided. But that’s me, everyone is different, and every day is different.

So definitely start with a smaller amount, and you can always find a way to incorporate more CBD throughout your day if you feel like you haven’t had enough or your nerves are firing.




My doctor made it very clear that the best way to take CBD is pure, sublingually, and taken juxtapose to a meal. In a beverage you will be leaving behind CBD residue on the glass.

This isn’t that big of a deal, but it’s not cheap. I like this recipe for a Fermented Turmeric CBD Infused Latte because I’m getting the benefits of the CBD, the turmeric, and having a nice treat in the afternoon. I only infuse CBD into my beverages every once in a while, when I want to get creative. You can also have your CBD right before you start sipping on your latte, if you worry about leaving residue behind.



If you’re digging this recipe, but the CBD aspect is not for you, fear not. You can absolutely whip up this latte without CBD, it’s definitely not required.

The one thing I will highly recommend getting is a fermented turmeric, like this one that we have from Prairie Naturals.

The fermentation process not only increases the micro-organisms of that plant, but it also enhances the nutrients of the plant. Turmeric has long been thought to be an anti-inflammatory food, so in theory when fermented, turmeric’s health benefits can be heightened.

If you pop into the video below, we discuss the benefits that turmeric has for your health, for your gut, but one thing we didn’t touch base on is how to enhance the absorption rate of the active ingredient in the turmeric.

You can simply do this by adding black pepper to the mixture.

The active ingredient curcumin has a low absorption rate when it’s taken on its own, so in order to increase this by up to 2000%, all you have to do is combine it with pepper. Pretty cool huh?

Definitely make sure you check out this video to see this latte in action, and to learn more about the health benefits.  



The combination of turmeric, black pepper and CBD is a cocktail that not only has stress-busting and anti-anxiety effects, but is anti-inflammatory, nourishing, loaded with beneficial ingredients, and can help you create a feeling of fullness, since it contains healthy fats.

Be sure to check out this amazing recipe below, and if you’d like to learn more about enhancing your health we would definitely recommend subscribing to our YouTube Channel.

Simply head to this link and click the red subscribe button.

What are your thoughts on this Fermented Turmeric Infused Latte?


Fermented Turmeric Infused Latte

Not only will you learn how to make a CBD infused latte, you will learn how to make the most delicious (and easy) turmeric latte too.
Course Drinks
Cuisine Healthy
Keyword cbd infused latte
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1
Calories 149 kcal


  • 1 tsp fermented turmeric
  • 2 tsp coconut sugar
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper
  • 1/4 cup full-fat coconut milk
  • 1 cup water hot *see notes
  • CBD extract optional


For quick option:

  1. Place dry ingredients into a cup, fill the cup ¾ of the way full, top with coconut milk and stir. Add CBD oil after and stir.

For frothy version:

  1. Add everything to a blender (except CBD) and blend on high for 15 seconds until frothy. Pour in a mug, add CBD and stir.

Recipe Notes

I like to fill my cup with hot water first so I know exactly how much water I need.

The more coconut milk you add, the frothier it will become.

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