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Credible nutrition and simple strategies is the name of our content-sharing game!

We cover current nutrition trends, food & recipes, fitness, natural beauty, healthy environment and health tools.

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And WHO is the Naughty Nutrition audience?

They are bold women, busy moms and professionals that are looking for simple and realistic strategies to adopt a healthy lifestyle for life.

The one thing that we DO NOT promote is pseudo-science or restrictive and fad diets (unless medically warranted and has the scientific research or preliminary studies to support).

Please refrain from submissions that lack the credibility behind any claims.

Although we would love to promote ALL nutrition and wellness experts, we have to do our due diligence when it comes to what we publish.

Ensuring your article gets published with Naughty Nutrition:

  • Link claims with as many credible sources as possible support your article (see examples below). E.g. if you reference fats for metabolism or a statistic, we require accurate science-backed information for that statement.
  • Long paragraphs don’t read well, aim for clear subject header breaks within the article. See this article as an example.
  • Please follow our article guidelines to the best of your ability, but also express your own writing creativity within the post.
  • Suggested word count: 1,000-1,500 words perform the best.
  • Post must be original and cannot have been published anywhere else online – including your personal blog.
  • Submit the post as an email with all sources in brackets next to the claim E.g. [https://naughtynutrition.co].


Recipe submission guidelines:

  • All recipes must be in this format: short recipe description, ingredients, clean & simple directions, notes.
  • Ingredient quantities need to be measured in cups/Tablespoons (not grams/ml).
  • 500 recipe description and cannot have been published anywhere else online – including your personal blog.
  • Recipe must be your own and can be published on your blog (without the description).
  • We only accept whole food based recipes with no refined sugar or highly processed ingredients.
  • Minimum 2 recipe images that are high resolution, well-lit, professional photos.


IMPORTANT NOTES: We run the final edit for your article, and by writing for us you give us permission to take all necessary measures to ensure the piece is up to NN standards.

While we do not intend to greatly modify your work, it may be necessary to make changes to it for structure, flow and readability before publishing. By submitting a post, you are giving Naughty Nutrition explicit permission to do so.

Guest writing for Naughty Nutrition is unpaid at this time.




Phew! You made it, and you’re still interested in writing for us? Happy to hear it!

  1. Email your article or recipe to hello@naughtynutrition.co.
  2. Please put the title of your piece as the subject line and the full article text in the body of the email.
  3. Add sources in brackets next to the claim E.g. [https://naughtynutrition.co].
  4. If you are looking to promote a product/ service, please indicate the product and/or service as well as the promotional link. Only links that adhere to the Naughty Nutrition guidelines and core values will be published.
  5. Please submit a 100-word bio along with a professional photo, 2 social media account URL links (not handles or page name). You may include 1 link in your bio to either your website or any free offer that you would like to promote.


We get a lot of submissions so please allow 10 business days for the review of your article.

If your post has been accepted, you will hear from us within 10-12 business days.