10 Delicious Dark Chocolate Recipes

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Inside Scoop: Get your chocolate fix with these 10 Delicious & Healthy Dark Chocolate Desserts.


We could basically promote chocolate in our sleep, you know us, we are obsessed with the stuff. We add dark chocolate to our morning smoothies and breakfast oats, we snack on chocolate hummus and chocolate protein bars, and (of course!) we bake with chocolate…yummm!

If chocolate were a human being, they would probably have a restraining order against us for stalking them.

So, it’s our divine duty (and good timing) to bring you 10 deeply delicious, nutritious, and incredibly rich dark chocolate desserts.





Of course we have to start with something rich like a chocolate truffle, but who would we be if we didn’t kick this list off with something that will kick you in the pants with spice? Actually, these Chili Chocolate Truffles aren’t THAT spicy, but they do have a bit of heat. If you haven’t tried dark chocolate and chili together you’re really missing out. It’s one of those combinations (think: peanut butter and chocolate) that pairs as if they’re just meant to be.​ ​ The sweet mellows out the spice, and the best part is that chili is a thermogenic food, meaning it increases your metabolism and assists with weight loss.

If these truffles change your life and you are interested in trying more chili-chocolate recipes, the combination of chili and dark chocolate can also be highlighted in brownies, cakes, and even chili-chocolate pudding.



So, we just mentioned that chocolate and heat pair so perfectly together, but chocolate is a very popular taste for pairing so we clearly aren’t going to limit it to just 1 thing. Another wonderful idea for chocolate pairings… antioxidant rich blueberries. These Blueberry Chocolate Crunch bites have the perfect sweetness and crunch balance; your taste buds are going to be hooked. They are made with healthy and simple ingredients including cacao powder, cacao butter, coconut oil, and cacao nibs and naturally sweetened with honey and blueberries — allowing you to get your complete chocolate fix with zero of the guilt.



Another berry on top of chocolate recipe coming at ya! Raspberries are so delicious when you bake them with dark chocolate, and these Raspberry Chocolate Brownies are the perfect brownie fix combination. Not to mention, they are vegan, low sugar, and soo fudgey! Creamy from the almond butter, these dark chocolate and raspberry dream team brownies are made with heart-healthy flaxseed and sweetened with maple syrup and vanilla extract.


Another truffle you ask? But, of course! Truffles are raw, freezer friendly, and pretty easy to make — especially since they need minimal ingredients. You can make a large batch and snack on them on the regular. Check out these super easy Mint Chocolate Truffles made from only cacao powder, coconut flakes, coconut oil, maple syrup, and peppermint extract.

The classic flavor combination of chocolate and mint can also be featured in mint chocolate ice cream, brownies, cookies, and fudge.



Another recipe that we can’t go without is a classic gluten-free chocolate cake! This recipe from Nutrition Stripped is paleo and so delicious. In addition to featuring gluten-free coconut flour and dairy-free almond milk, the cake is free of sugar and is naturally sweetened with dates and raw cocoa powder. The chocolate cake recipe also features a decadent chocolate avocado frosting that is as creamy and fudgy as it is dairy-free. Not only is it a healthy alternative (that doesn’t compromise on taste) but you get two recipes in one here.




What better way to fuel your chocolate fix than with rich and decadent chocolate fudge? If you’re looking for a delicious and dairy-free version of a classic chocolate dessert, look no further. This recipe could not be easier — it only calls for dark chocolate, coconut milk, almond butter, maple syrup, vanilla extract, and salt. It’s creamy and gooey without any of the added sugar or dairy that we try to avoid — plus, it uses all ingredients that you already have in your kitchen already. There’s no excuse not to whip this fudge up tonight!



Are you into Ferrero Rocher, Nutella, or hazelnut butter? Just a heads up hazelnuts are our FAVOURITE nut! There’s something sweet about them, and they pair so perfectly with chocolate. You’re going to have to check out these delicious Chocolate Hazelnut Bliss Balls. They are raw, low sugar, loaded with chocolatey goodness, and beyond easy to make. And did we mention kid friendly? Your whole family will devour these plant-based chocolate treats loaded with healthy fat. Dip them in a chocolatey coating, or leave them completely sugar free, and eat them in the afternoon as energy bites (we prefer the chocolate coating 😉 )



Yup, more nut butter coming your way. These low-sugar and gluten-free Almond Butter Balls are the perfect alternative to your favorite peanut butter ones. They’re chocolatey on the outside with a smooth, hearty filling and a surprise crunch on the inside (from the puffed rice cereal). Plus, they’re naturally sweetened with raw honey and vanilla. We think they’d make a perfect gift if you have the heart to part with them.



Chocolate and cherry is another classic combination that could be used to improve any cookies, cake, or truffle. ​This Flourless Chocolate Cherry Brownie reminds us of a light and fluffy soufflé made by a close friend on special occasions. It has a rich chocolate taste and yet feels so light that it melts in your mouth. It’s been sweetened with coconut sugar, dark chocolate chips, and dried cherries, so it won’t leave you with the heavy post dessert feeling.




For those of you who are thinking “meh…. I just want to buy chocolate”, you have to check out Shockingly Healthy! Holy, they are the best, healthiest brand of sweet treats out there, we stock up every time we go in for one of their Double Chocolate Brownies!

There you have it- 10 mouthwatering, rich, delicious (and healthy shhhh…) dark chocolate desserts for those who are obsessed with chocolate, as much as we are. And, as a little treat for those of you who love chocolate, we just want to re-inforce how damn healthy it is. Check out our reasons Why Being a Chocoholic is Incredibly Healthy.

Did we miss a dark chocolate dessert recipe on this list? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to get in on our 7 Days of Delicious Desserts Recipe book (obviously, chocolate included).

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