3 Handmade Beauty Product Recipes For Healthy Skin

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Inside scoop: These 3 handmade beauty products are just what you need to get your skin feeling silky and smooth.


Are you trying to reduce your toxic exposure and go the more natural route with your beauty products?

When we first made the switch we thought it would be anything but easy. But we have to tell you that once you get used to what your skin likes best, it’s really simple to make the switch to handmade beauty products, or even store-bought, non-toxic beauty products. 

Even regular everyday food can be amazing to apply topically. Just check out this article we wrote: Homemade Beauty | The Best & Worst Foods For Your Skin.




Between a beautiful, natural, moisturizing peppermint whipped shea butter shave gel, to a cleansing, tightening and softening coffee exfoliator all the way to a moisturizing and healing lip scrub these handmade beauty products are exactly what you need to kickstart your healthy beauty routine.

You can gift it as a package or even break it up, wrap it up nicely and give it to them on their own individually. The choice is up to you, but believe us, the simplicity and how delicious these skin products are will make it worth your while (PS. the lip scrub is so scrumptious you could even eat it!).


Whipped Shea Butter Shave Cream and Moisturizer

 handmade beauty products

Whipped Shea Butter Moisturizer (click here for recipe)

If you have used shea butter, there’s a chance it was to heal something topically. Shea has amazing healing capabilities, but using it topically can sometimes leave an oily residue that’s hard to remove from the skin.

We have done some testing (we love our jobs!) and have found that moisturizing in the shower and towel drying leaves the skin without that thick oily after effect and makes your skin feel freakin’ amazing – like the softest and silkiest it can be! This amazing handmade beauty product can also be used as a shave cream. Lather it on, shave, rinse and dry and marvel at just how soft your legs feel. No knicks, no razor bumps, just skin you’ll be happy to flaunt.

If you’re planning on travelling or know someone who is going away somewhere tropical this gift is pure awesomeness! Their skin will be glistening, and they will come back and thank you.

Have we sold you on this wicked moisturizer / shave cream? If not, here’s the low down on the skin benefits that shea provides:

  • Antioxidants and Fats- Shea butter is high in Vitamin A and Vitamin E (which are fat soluble antioxidants) and is high in saturated fats, making it incredible for the skin.
  • Natural SPF- Shea butter and coconut oil both have a natural SPF of around 4, making them wonderful for your skin when you are spending time in the sun. 
  • Heals Skin – Shea butter acts as a natural anti-inflammatory making this moisturizer amazing for people who suffer from acne or redness. 


Coffee Body Scrub

handmade beauty products

Coffee Body Scrub (click here for recipe)

When we first learned that coffee was a wicked skin exfoliant we really had a hard time believing it.

It does make sense though, right?

The grounds aren’t too big to hurt the skin and aren’t too small to not make an impact. They’re literally the prefect size for exfoliating. Of course, we had to make a batch ourselves and test it out. Not only did we find out that coffee is amazing at exfoliating but it does some pretty awesome stuff for the skin too – a perfect handmade beauty product.

  • Skin Brightener & Circulation Booster- Caffeine is a booster that can brighten dead skin cells and liven your skin. 
  • Tightens the Skin- Caffeine is a diuretic, meaning it tends to draw fluid away from cells, topically applied it can reduce visibility of cellulite. 
  • Reduces Eye Puffiness- When applied to the skin the caffeine in coffee restricts blood vessels and helps reduce swelling. 


Sugar Lip Scrub

handmade beauty products


Sugar Lip Scrub (click here for recipe)

We exfoliate our body, our face…. and of course, for soft and supple lips why wouldn’t we exfoliate them too? We have just recently been turned onto the trend of sugar scrub for your lips and we don’t want to hop off of this handmade beauty product ever!

Exfoliating the lips makes them feel a whole other level soft.

Also, we don’t know about you guys, but winter has our lips feeling like the Sahara! Always peeling and flaking, dry, cracked and sore lips is just horrible. That’s why we put together this delicious handmade lip scrub, that has so many benefits

  • Coconut Oil for Dryness- Coconut oil is incredibly high in Vitamin E, which is an amazing nutrient for dry lips and skin. Just check out the video below for the benefits of coconut oil! We love.
  • Healing Benefits of Raw Honey- Raw honey possesses anti-fungal and antibacterial properties making it ideal to protect against infection in those with cracked lips.

What do you think about these handmade beauty products? Are you willing to give them a try?

If you are looking for more handmade beauty ideas, or at home spa ideas, definitely download your free copy of our At Home Spa Day here:


Naughty Nutrition

Naughty Nutrition


  1. Jessica Walker // millennial life skills coach

    These are great ideas. I love scrubs and masks. I bet putting the whipped shea on after feels like a dream.

    • Mirna Sharafeddine

      Thank you Jessica 🙂 Yes, it’s silky smooth. Happy Holidays!


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