Eating Healthy When Your Life is Hectic: Part 2 Eating Out

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Life is chaos. We wake early, we rush to work, work keeps us busy all day and by the end of the day we are wiped out. The thought of prepping for dinner when you get home from work can be that one extra thing that makes the day feel like a weight. So, eating out or takeout it is. Or better yet, the rush of the day does not stop and prepping for dinner is NOT an option.

Sometimes we get in the mindset to eat healthy but good ol’ hectic life happens, weeks go by and our good intentions leave us feeling discouraged. It’s not like we intend to grab McDonalds on our way home, and we know that it doesn’t offer anything of nutritional value, but what do we do? Well, just because the ease of fast food or takeout is calling your name, it doesn’t mean your good intentions have to go out the window.


Healthy Takeout Options 101


Know your closest healthy takeout options. It goes without saying, if you’re looking for something on the healthier side in regards to takeout you need to know what’s around you locally and what these takeout places have to offer. Thai, curry, fast food chains, pizza, health food stores, local cafes etc., there’s always something to find with healthy options. Stick to what you know. There are also many websites that are focused on locating healthy options in your area (e.g.


Research. There are a lot of restaurants out there that sell healthy meals with whole grain, organic and locally sourced food. Do some research and figure out the best and healthiest spots. See if they deliver and if they don’t plan your day around popping in to grab takeout. There are a lot of companies that now courier with additional fees. If you are willing to have it delivered by a third party then that is always an option as well.


Know how to navigate the menu. Okay, so your very last resort is McDonalds. It’s not ideal, but you’re famished and it’s the only option around (we’re not here to judge). Instead of grabbing the worst thing for you on the menu because you’re there, know that there are healthier ways to navigate a menu: don’t have a beef burger, have a grilled chicken burger. Don’t add mayo, add mustard. No side of fries, but a side salad with a vinaigrette instead. Get a bottle of water rather than a pop. Small changes make for a healthier meal, and secretly, deep down you can still kind of enjoy your fast food. Add veggies when you can and try to steer clear of the added salt, sugar and fat (fast food chains typically have enough already added in the meal itself).


Here are some additional tips for eating out:


  • Balanced Meal = Protein + veggies + healthy fat + healthy carbs. Simply imagine your plate as ½ vegetable, ¼ good protein (veg or non veg), ¼ good carb plus a healthy source of fat.
  • Choose grilled, steamed, broiled or baked salmon, chicken, fish, or meat; or plant based protein sources like beans, lentils, tofu, tempeh.
  • It never hurts to request extra veggies. Your body will thank you.
  • Order dressings and sauces on the side as most contain high amounts of sugar or heavy creams. Simple lemon & olive oil or balsamic & olive oil dressings are the best.
  • Add good quality carbs such as: sweet potato, baked potato (with skin), butternut squash, pumpkin, brown rice, buckwheat, quinoa or whole grain pasta (most places allow you to substitute for whole grain for a small additional charge).
  • Look for simpler salads and protein versus ones with croutons, cranberries, toasted nuts that usually have caramelized sugar as well. Usually those kinds of salads are very dense and full of sugar.
  • Skip any carbonated beverages, juices and cocktails (yes, even the ones that are 0 calorie which are just as bad for you). Order sparkling water and lemon/lime instead.
  • If order comes with fries ask for salad, mixed veggies or a baked potato (with skin) instead.


Those small habits are easy to build and add up overtime. Healthy ways to eat out can be built into your lifestyle and eventually you don’t even realize you’re skipping on fries and having a salad instead. It’s just second nature. And hey, if occasionally you feel like fries, there’s no harm because you know that your diet is balanced.

We’d love to hear from you, too: What do you like to eat when you are super busy?

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