10 High Tech Fitness Gadgets to Help You Hack Your Workout

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Inside Scoop: The latest fitness gadgets that will help make your workouts easier, safer and more precise.

This post was submitted by Kelsey Davis, Managing Editor at The Lux Authority.

In this age of technological advancements, the evolvement of technology has been able to incorporate itself in various aspects of our everyday lifestyle.

Fitness is one place that it’s taken root as it seeks to working out easier, better, safer and more precise. It also helps keep track of what we’re doing, how we’re doing it and what we need to do to make the most of our workouts.

Smartphones have played an enormous role in this making everyone’s needs either available or doable at the touch of a button.

The following is a list of fun fitness gadgets to look out for that will make your active life more comfortable, relaxed and useful:





Sensoria smart socks are the name. These socks have sensors incorporated and their primary function is to note parameters that are vital to your running.

You will need to download the Sensoria Mobile App and can use your smartphone for all the tracking.

The detectors can note your cadence and the landing style of your foot. This is made possible by the light weight anklet which picks up data during your run, and it’s sent wirelessly to the mobile app.



At the cost of $22, these water bottles come with a health-safe filtering system made from coconut shells which is durable for up to 4 months.

The filtering system is self-driven, and the bottle itself comes in a variety of captivating colors. It also has an easy one-handed push-button cap.


Apple has been a significant player in the technological field making inventions and enhancements. On top of Apple Watch features that include sending messages and organization, the apple watch is an amazing fitness tool.

It helps you meet and track your fitness goals including calories, workout times, steps and other health and fitness info.

The new series 4 has a proactive health monitor that measures heart rate (and detects abnormalities) and has fall detection and emergency SOS. It’s also waterproof so it definitely comes in handy to help count laps for swimmers.



These headphones provide you with an interactive assistant during your workouts and work in real time. The AI software loaded in the headsets can recognize your name, voice, and your biometrics, e.g., your heart rate, speed, distance covered.

This information is used to help you push towards surpassing your goals.

The software can tell you:

  • To pick up speed in real time
  • To slow down for hills
  • When to quicken your cadence to prevent injury
  • If you are due for a sprint interval or a jogging interval

All these are done and said using your GPS and heartbeat.



Are you a huge fan of the game and want to know your performance levels? Then, this is the ball for you.

This ball is user-friendly with any device that supports bluetooth. It measure the following stats for you:

  • Keeps track of completed passes
  • It notes down the ball velocity
  • It can tell you about the spin

The distance covered will be emphasized to help you know the throwing yards especially if you’re a quarterback.

  • It also gives you the spiral efficiency of the ball.

All this info will help you note down what you need to work on and what you are good at to heighten your performance levels in the field.


Two neuroscientists made this awesome gadget that’s incorporated in a headset alongside a USB charger to keep it powered up.

Its purpose is to drive your brain into a ‘hyperplasticity’ state. The neuroscientists have argued that this state will help your skill, speed, and improve strength, 3 factors that are critical to an athlete.

While the science is not there yet, many professional teams and Olympic athletes have adopted Halo Sports headsets for their training.



They go by the name Jabra Elite Sports True Wireless Waterproof Fitness and Running Earbuds with Heart Rate and Activity Tracker.

They offer wireless connectivity for transmitting data and not surprisingly require an app to reap their benefits.

They are designed to hold onto your ears while working out to prevent the irritability of holding and putting them back. They can also be used for water workouts, and their primary functions are to keep track of your heart rate, calories, speed etc.



On top of the features that other bicycles have like measuring your speed, this SuperBike has more to offer including:

  • It’s integrated with an android screen, 3.9 inches in size, waterproof, with a voice controlled GPS system and a touchscreen.
  • Its connections bring the possibility of monitoring your workouts by providing both the workout stats and the weather stats.
  • It’s taken care of safety aspects with its taillights, LED headlights, as well as showing others to maintain a safe distance with its pathway makers that use laser technology.
  • The security aspect is taken care of by a tracker, and it uses Fingerprint ID sensors.


There is a step up in both fashion and technology in the workout sector. It takes away the need to carry gadgets to keep track of your progress as sensors are embedded in the actual clothing.

These sensors keep track of muscle activity, biometric data, your heart rate, the time you have been active, your sedentary time, and the calories you have burned.

Depending on your need you can either purchase the whole set or piece by piece. These garments are inclusive of shirts, shorts, and leggings.

When the mobile app gathers the data, it is transmitted wirelessly to your mobile app via bluetooth. The only conditions for purchasing this set of clothing is that you have to have an IOS operating system. Thus, android users will have to be patient a little while longer.



Although it’s not one of a kind, its effectiveness and efficiency are very high. Despite the name Runkeeper, it does not just keep track of your runs but any motion-based activity in which you participate, be it, skiing, hiking, jogging, walking and of course running.

It also keeps stats for:

  • Distance covered
  • Time
  • Speed of motion
  • Elevation
  • Number of calories burned

It keeps the stats on Runkeeper.com where you can track your progress. As long as your phone GPS system is working, you’re also on track.

Kelsey Davis

Kelsey is the Managing Editor at The Lux Authority and is trying to balance both her budget and her credit card balance. She likes to live lavish and treat herself when the opportunity allows it. She loves the newest tech, old cars, the smell of rich mahogany, and leather-bound books as well! When she isn't working, Kelsey is an avid academic, artist, stargazer, blogger, and yoga enthusiast.

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