11 Fun Outdoor Exercises When You’re Getting Bored At The Gym

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Inside Scoop: Here are 11 fun outdoor exercises to get you moving without the need to go to the gym.

This post was submitted by Luke Miller, freelance writer for SportzBits.

It’s one of those mornings when you just can’t face going to the gym but really want to get in some movement in your day, so what do you do? Maybe it’s a dark cold winter’s day and you don’t feel like getting out of bed, or it’s a bright sunny morning that you just don’t want to spend in a sweaty gym.

Never fear, there are plenty of opportunities to exercise for free or for a small class fee, outside in the fresh air. If you’re the gym type or are just looking to diversify your workout routine one or two days a week then why not try exercising outside?

You get to benefit from the fresh air, enjoy nature and generally it’s free other than some simple equipment.

For this post, freelance writer Luke from SportzBits, a resource for sports gear news and review, gives us his list of 11 enjoyable outdoor exercises to vary your fitness routine and stay motivated.

11 Outdoor Exercises To Try Today


Outside boot camp classes

There are many personal trainers who run outdoor boot camp classes on a Saturday morning for example, where you all turn up to a field and take part in a fitness boot camp style work out with circuit training and CrossFit exercises thrown in. So, if you fancy a challenge outside of the gym, sign up for one of these.


Park runs

If you hate running on a treadmill why not actually run outside instead? Park runs are springing up everywhere offering 5km circuits around town and city parks for runners and walkers of all abilities so if you want to get off the treadmill and run socially, sign up to your local park run. If there isn’t a park run near you then look for a running group you can join instead, or go at it alone – either way, running outside is a great fitness activity that can help to clear the mind. Make sure to stretch before a run to avoid injury.


Try skipping in your garden

Why not get out your skipping rope and have fun working out in your own back garden. Skipping is not just for children, it’s used for warm ups and as a training tool in itself so dust off your old rope and get jumping. It’s also an incredibly cheap way to boost your exercise routine and add in a fun element to working out.


Try a dance class

If the gym is too heavy for you then try something more fun like a dance class to help get your heart pumping and test your co-ordination skills – learn a core dance like Tango or the Waltz or just take part in a Zumba class to get you moving but away from the treadmill. You can grow your skills and take part in dance-off competitions.

Dust off your cycle

If running isn’t for you then why not dust off your bike and hit the road, cycling a country trail or coastal path? Cycling a bike can burn around 500 calories an hour so it’s definitely a good workout and can help to relive stress too! You could even train to take part in a charity bike ride to do some good while getting fit at the same time.



If you have days when you don’t want to even leave your house, then try investing in a personal trampoline and follow online workouts using your trampoline to make sure you get a great overall body workout on those days when the gym just doesn’t appeal to you.

Take up swimming

Swimming is another cheap and easy form of exercise you can do which works out the whole body without putting any pressure on your joints so why not give your body a break from the gym routine every now and again and go for a swim instead?

It’s just as effective for weight loss, burning up lots of calories while helping to protect your body from the rigours of exercise a little at the same time. If you can’t swim why not add lessons to your exercise routine?


Outdoor sports

While running, cycling and swimming are largely singular activities, you don’t need to exercise outdoors alone. Try taking up an outdoor sport which you can play with friends all year round such as football, tennis, netball or basketball.

When it’s cold you can always take to the indoor courts. Any kind of competitive team sport like will definitely give you a great workout, get you away from the gym for a bit and also have that social element.

Go canoeing

There are plenty of outdoor leisure centres which will offer you the chance to take part in canoeing so if you fancy a new challenge and like water then why not give it a go? It works out your upper body, legs and gets your cardio system going which are all good things. You might also make some new friends along the way.



The all year round best habit, walking. If it’s a nice day, why not grab your walking boots and get out into the countryside or city for some fresh air and exercise – with the added bonus of enjoying a nice view at the same time. You can head for the hills, park or stroll through the forest – the world is your oyster and walking is a great way to burn off the calories and move your body.


Rock climbing

For the more adventurous exercisers rock climbing can be a wonderful outdoor exercise. You can try an indoor rock wall but for the real thrill go for an outdoor rock climbing session and feel the adrenaline rush as part of your work out – not to mention enjoying the great views and sense of achievement when you get to the top.

Everyone gets bored doing the same old workout every single day down at the gym – the key to an effective exercise routine is to mix things up and try out new sports and new challenges to keep your mind and body interested and motivated. If you aren’t enjoying an exercise you are far more likely to give it up.

What are some of your favourite outdoor exercises? Share them below.

Luke Miller

Luke Miller is a freelance writer for SportzBits. He has been writing in the health and fitness niche for the last five years. When he is not in front of his computer working on an article he can been seen in his local theatre working as a stage manager.


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