Get Rid Of Sore Muscles By Doing These 7 Things After Every Workout

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Inside Scoop: 7 things you can do after every workout to get rid of sore muscles.

This post was submitted by Cindy Mikulsaki who supports non-profit agencies that provide health-care solutions to handicapped and disabled people.

This has definitely been one of the most overlooked segments of any fitness regimen, but post workout recovery is definitely one of the most significant ones.  It’s the cool down phase after every exercising chapter that allows your hard work to pay off.

In addition, people who practice post-workout routines, experience less muscle soreness and body-aches. So, it seems to be quite beneficial to spend some more time at the gym after you’re done with the workout, but what should you actually do?




Do some stretching

One of the most important things is to get a good stretch. Stretching has been shown to improve the joint mobility, flexibility athletic performance and decrease the risk of injury. You can find some essential stretches here.


Hydrate well

Water should be one of the basic elements in any post-workout routine. Your body sweats out a lot of its water reserves while exercising. So, it definitely needs to get replenished. Bring a water bottle with you at the gym and hydrate as often as you need depending on your exercise intensity and duration. And don’t forget to ensure you are well hydrated before and after a workout. This can be in the form of water, herbal teas and other non-sugary liquids.


Eat enough protein

You might have heard that it is beneficial to eat protein within an hour of exercising. But, did you know that carbs are also very important for muscle repair? A combination of protein and healthy carbohydrates is the optimal combo for fueling your muscles. It can take 24-36 hours for your body to recover from a workout so ensure that you’re eating well.

Here are some great post workout snacks ideas:

Grain-Free Flatbread with Veggies

Creamy Strawberry Collagen Smoothie

Almond Granola Bars

Easy Overnight Oats

Kale & Blueberry Protein Muffins


Wear compression clothing

Compression garments like pants, sleeves and socks are sometimes medically recommended to wear during and after exercise. They can help with relieving sore muscles, improving circulation and aiding in recovery.

If you’ve been looking for a fun workout to add to your routine, make sure you download this HIIT workout that contains a list of 40+ exercises for the perfect DIY anywhere workout.

Go for foam rolling

Have you ever tried foam rolling? Well, it is one of the major ways to recover your body after exercising. You may have seen fitness buffs around you using a roll made up of foam to roll their body on the floor.

This rolling action can help work out the kinks and knots that you might have developed in your fatigued muscles while exercising. Moreover, if you want, you can do that even before exercising for a rapid warm-up.

While foam rolling is not used as often and as regularly by most of us, it’s one of the most helpful ways to get rid of sore muscles.


Breathe! Breathe! Breathe!

If you hold your breath, it will make exercising even harder. Ensure that you are breathing during and post-workout. Your body needs extra time to return back to its resting state and taking deep breaths has been shown to reduce exercise-induced oxidative stress, so take the time to stretch and breathe after every gym session.


Drink or eat your electrolytes

When you exercise, you lose a great amount of sodium, potassium and other electrolytes from your body.

These electrolytes are extremely important in regulating nerve and muscle function and maintaining the acid-base balance in the body. All the sweat that you lose comprises of a lot of such minerals. So, how can you replenish them?

Ensure that you are well hydrated and that you consume foods and drinks that are rich in those minerals such as sweet potatoes, bananas, coconut water, leafy greens, mushrooms, celery and dairy products.

Lastly, make sure that you take a well needed break between your workouts to make the best out of your fitness regimen. Have you tried any of these methods for muscle soreness?

Don’t forget to download your free HIIT total body workout below.


Cindy Mikulsaki

Cindy Mikulsaki is the account manager at Couponsmonk, deals and discounts provider company. She is passionate about money savings, investment and finance industry. In addition, Cindy Mikulsaki also supports non-profit agencies that provide health-care solutions to handicapped and disabled people.


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