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Experiencing stress is a part of the human body’s natural response system to difficult situations. All of us experience some form of stress from time to time because of our hectic work routines and jobs. This kind of stress is quite normal but, for some people, stress can become a way more serious problem.

When people stay stressed for extended periods of time and the stress affects their lives considerably, they are dealing with chronic stress, which is extremely dangerous for our body and mind. Chronic stress itself is very damaging, and it also increases the probability of being affected by many other stress-induced conditions such as heart disease, insomnia, diabetes, and hypertension. Chronic stress also takes a serious toll on our natural immune system, making us more likely to get sick.

Stress has become considerably more common in the past couple of decades. In fact, according to a survey by the American Psychological Association (AHA), around 76% of Americans regularly suffer from physical and psychological symptoms of stress.

For a majority of people dealing with chronic stress, pharmaceutical drugs are the solution. But as we all know, these drugs can have a lot of adverse side effects on the mind and body. So, before resorting to pharmaceuticals (unless recommended to by a medical doctor), try incorporating these methods that help to relieve stress and anxiety naturally. Once they have become part of your lifestyle, you will find that it’s much easier to manage your stress levels, and even if a stressful situation presents itself, you have the tools to work through it naturally.


6 Tips to Relieve Stress and Anxiety Naturally


Work Out Regularly

Regular exercise has been proven by many scientific studies to be a very effective and reliable stress countering method. When we are exercising, our body releases certain endorphins and hormones. Dopamine, which is one of the major hormones released while working out, makes us feel a rush of happiness and excitement that can do wonders for countering stress and reducing stress levels.

But remember not to go overboard with your workouts; moderation is the key when you are exercising for stress reduction. If you work out too hard, instead of dopamine, a hormone called cortisol is released. Cortisol is a stress-inducing hormone. So, start your workouts slow and build the pace up gradually so that your body can get used to it. Here are some fun outdoor exercises that you can try.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation is a leading cause of chronic stress. According to a recent study, around 35% of adults don’t get the proper amount of sleep. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, your stress levels can increase dramatically. As per many doctors and scientists, at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily is essential for adults to stay healthy and avoid stress.

According to research, the best time to sleep is at night from 10 or 11 pm to 6 or 7 am. So, if you are feeling stressed a lot, try to get the proper amount of sleep to decrease your stress levels and to make sure that your mind is refreshed when you wake up. Check out these simple tips for better sleep.


Organize Your Schedule

Another super effective method for reducing stress is organizing your daily routine and schedule. One of the most popular reasons people feel stressed is their hectic routines at work or at school. This kind of stress that is caused because of busy and hectic schedules can be managed easily by organizing your daily routine and life.

In fact, in a study by Harvard University, participants from all over the world were asked many questions about their stress management techniques and according to a majority of the participants organizing your schedule was the most effective stress-relieving technique. So, create a time table and prioritize your day to day tasks to counter stress and save time at work for relaxation. 


Listen to Music

Music is an amazing and intimate form of self-expression that can reach people on many different levels. Music can have a certain calming effect on our minds that is perfect for stressful days.

In fact, according to an article published on Psych Central, scientific research has shown that music, especially classical and instrumental music, has a very relaxing effect on our minds by slowing down our pulse and heart rate and decreasing the levels of stress hormones such as cortisol. So, create a playlist of your favorite classical music and play it whenever you feel stressed. Try listening to just a few minutes of the below playlist and you’ll understand how something so simple can help to relieve stress and anxiety naturally.

Take a Short Vacation or a Walk to Reconnect With Nature

Hectic and difficult work and school routines are a major reason why many people feel stressed. The solution is quite simple, break the routine from time to time. Plan a short vacation to get away from your stressful routine and refresh your mind. If you can’t go for a vacation, then even a short afternoon walk in nature can significantly help with stress.

According to research from the Psychology and Speech Pathology School at the Curtin University in Australia, a lunchtime walk can really help stressed employees feel more relaxed in the afternoons.

Try Some Natural Remedies to Counter Stress

If you are regularly affected by chronic stress, you may be thinking about getting a prescription for some pharmaceutical drugs to manage your stress levels. These drugs will provide some stress relief for the time being, but they may come with a lot of side effects on our bodies. So, try out some natural remedies like herbal or adaptogenic teas first to reduce your stress levels.


In recent years, a significant amount of research has been done into the medical benefits of cannabis. And these studies have also led to the legalization of marijuana for medicinal use in many American states and Canada.

Anxiety and stress relief is one of the most prominent medical benefits of the cannabis plant, mainly from using pure CBD oil which can provide the medicinal benefits of cannabis without having any psychoactive effects on the user.

CBD and medical marijuana are in their early stages of research though, and further testing is definitely needed to validate medical marijuana and CBD use. Some side effects, such as lethargy and gastrointestinal issues have been reported with CBD, so making sure you’re doing your research and speaking with your doctor becomes vital when considering supplementation.

Kava extract can be another alternative way to naturally beat anxiety. Many people take kava for stress, restlessness, and sleeping problems. If you are curious to try this new herbal extract, we recommend trying some from Gold Bee.

Ultimately, if you are considering using any natural remedies to tackle stress, then it is strongly recommended that you do plenty of research first. Not everything is suitable for everyone and therefore you need to know that the products that you are investing in are high-quality and safe to use.



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