We are definitely advocates for the anti-diet movement, and simply put, we don’t think that most trendy fad diets or cleanses work.

You might be thinking…

But I lost 20 lbs on X diet.

My friend told me that X diet worked for her.

I went X-free and immediately felt less bloated.

I cut X from my diet and lost weight.

And that’s amazing! If you’ve lost weight by going on a specific diet, and still feel awesome after the fact, keep up the good work! But, our guess is that you are here because you may still need some help in the whole weight loss/ health department. Also, since you know a bit about us, chances are… you’re done with dieting too.

We’re here, doing what we do because we have tried so many different methods in pursuit of the perfect body. We have cut carbs, monitored our calorie intake, chose to skip meals to avoid bloat, obsessively exercised, cleansed our butts off… and believe it or not, even considered certain corrective procedures to ‘fix’ areas of our bodies. Yes, we’ve spent nearly a decade thinking like this. Obsessing, hating the person in the mirror, pinching, poking, sucking in. That was us!

Not anymore.

We have spent a lot of time working on ourselves, our emotions, our health to get out of that mindset, and because of it all, we have sat down and worked on a method to weight loss and nutrition that can help you get past that type of thought as well. Our system comes from our background in nutrition, combined with our personal experiences, as well as our clients’ experiences, with weight loss and nutrition.



Our method is a 5 stage approach that was designed to help you change the way you look at food and perceive your body, as well as teach you how to properly balance nutrition with enjoying life. We’re all about delicious foods, so meal prep, time management, healthy swaps and how to have a cheeky brownie or a bowl of pasta is of utmost importance if you want to stop dieting and start living your life healthier.

But just because we are anti-diet doesn’t mean that we don’t believe some things need to change with the way that you eat in order to lose weight or become healthier. So we ask some very important questions like,

How did you get to where you are now?

What’s holding you back?

What do you crave the most?

And how can we get you to start focusing on you so that your health can become a priority?

With every stage in which our weight loss method is structured, we teach you and give you the tools necessary to get through it and enter the next one. You will finish it all more knowledgeable, confident and ready to start applying all your skills to your life so that you can succeed, long-term.

Our focus is on delicious, whole foods that are easy to prepare, and are incredibly good for you (and your waistline!). While we advocate no diets and eating the foods you love, we also teach you how to make healthier swaps with those favourite foods, ditch the junk from your cupboards, and manage your time so healthier choices become a much easier concept to grasp.

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Learn to ditch the diet mindset, and redefine your goals.

This is the most important stage. When you obsess, when you are constantly looking in the mirror examining all your flaws, and when food stops becoming food, but rather calories or carbs, you stop yourself from being happy with who YOU are. Letting go of what the world tells you to look like, letting go of what diets tell you to stick to, and making the commitment to yourself, your goals, your happiness will help you get through all the next steps, and allow you to start enjoying yourself, and all the people around you. A happy you is a successful you.


  • Why diets don’t work
  • The importance of self-love
  • How to set and track goals



The 3 big nutrients, and why balancing blood sugars make it easier to lose weight, stop bingeing and craving.

Have you heard the word ‘macronutrients’? Chances are your past diet or detox didn’t teach you that you need carbs to survive, and fat is AMAZING for your brain and energy! So it is our duty, as nutritionists, to teach you all about macros and how to build meals with healthy carbs, healthy fats, and adequate protein.

Another important part of this stage is that you learn how to balance your blood sugars. You know when you cut back on carbs for a bit, then you have one Timmy’s muffin, and all of a sudden you are like, dafuq, why do I want ALL THE CARBS? Well, that’s because you just sent your blood sugars on a roller coaster. Alongside macronutrients, we teach you how to balance your blood sugars so you can avoid those “GIMME ALL THE CARB” moments and stay level headed and full! Oh yeah, and we have some pretty interesting science backed data here to show you why all of the above is important and necessary for weight loss.


  • What macronutrients are and why they are vital
  • How to choose healthier macros
  • Why imbalanced blood sugars cause cravings and weight gain
  • How to eat to balance blood sugars and cut cravings



If there’s always junk around, you’ll eat junk!

Okay, we’re not saying that you can NEVER, that’s not our style. As a matter of fact when someone says “don’t do this” it makes us want to do it more… but if you stock your cupboards with junk, you will always revert to junk. This step is important because you need to know how to read a label and determine whether or not a prepackaged food is actually ‘junk’ or not. All of this helps you go from snacking on ‘whatever’ to snacking on nutrient dense foods that keep you full and energized. Let us tell you, advertising is tricky and it is an advertisers job to make you want to buy something. Here you will learn how to read labels so that your cupboards stay stocked with as much of the good stuff as possible, and your choices become much easier ones.


  • How to navigate a grocery store and read labels
  • What to avoid on labels
  • How to stock your cupboards with ‘better for you’ foods
  • How to manage your sugar intake
  • How to make healthier snacking choices



Learn to cook and meal prep like a pro, so planning becomes effortless and it’s easier to stay on track.

You see all those food blogs and are like, yah, that’s healthy and looks amazing, then you read the ingredient list and instructions, umm HELL no. Too much time, too much work, my life is busy, and we get it! But we love food, and food is a huge part of life, so let’s have a positive and good experience with it, not a guilt laden and stressful one. We promise you we will help you with your meal prepping and planning skills, your recipe collecting, your meals, your snacks, and we promise promise that we will NOT leave you feeling hungry, bored or take up too much of your time. We want you to love food just as much as we do, and having a grasp on meal prepping and planning is a very helpful tool to get you to all of your health goals.


  • Meal prep strategies, and how to large batch cook
  • How to collect and store healthy recipes
  • How to take your favourite recipes (or foods) and recreate them with healthier versions
  • Simple and healthy cooking
  • Easy meal prep for 1 person all the way to a family of 5



Find balance with food and exercise, and enjoy your life.

Stage 1, it’s all about you, and now we’ve swung back around full circle to you! Why? Because you need to be reminded how amazing you are. You HAVE to find time for you, to find out who you are, what you want, and how to be truly happy. When you give 100% to everyone around you, you have nothing left for yourself, so here we talk about finding balance in your personal life and on your plate. Exercise is also an important aspect of nutrition and you need to find out what kind of exercise is right for you whether it’s walking, running, yoga, or weight training- it’s time to pull it all together.


  • How to find an exercise program that works for you
  • How to focus on yourself and find time to relax (manage stress)
  • Building balance on your plate and in your life

So, this all sounds amazing, and you are on board! How do you move forward?

Don’t forget to join The Naughty Nutritionist’s Community which is a community filled with like-minded people looking to lose weight and feel amazing.


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