How to Niche Out & Make Income By Becoming a Metabolic Balance® Coach

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Inside Scoop: Becoming a Metabolic Balance Coach is a great way to niche out and make a great income helping people get healthy and doing what you love to do!


If you’re in the health and wellness world, and you’re running your own coaching practice you know that one of the golden rules is having a niche.

This helps you focus, specialize in an area that you’re interested in, and it allows people to see you as an authority and expert in the field. It also makes attracting and working with your ideal clients so much easier (win-win).

Whether you’re looking to get into weight management, or you’re working in specific areas such as gut health, hormonal issues, or skin health you have probably considered continuing education programs to help you get there.

What if we told you that there’s a complete nutrition program that:

  • is backed by scientific research
  • is managed by physicians, naturopaths and nutritional experts
  • you can use no matter what niche you’re in
  • will save you hundreds of hours of follow-up work
  • help your clients reach their health and wellness goals
  • could help you bring over $200,000/ year
  • and that you can bring into your practice today!




Metabolic Balance® is a science-based holistic weight management program that was co-founded in Germany by Dr. Wolf Funfack, Internist & Nutritionist, Birgit Funfack, Naturopath and Silvia Bürkle, Ecotrophologist.

The program is available in over 35 countries, and to date has served more than one million participants with a proven high success rate, and multiple prestigious awards.

Although the program’s main focus is on balancing metabolism and managing your weight, program participants have seen improvement in so much more than that including:

  • Increasing energy levels
  • Improvement in hormonal issues (PCOS, Endometriosis, pre & post-menopausal symptoms)
  • Reducing sugar and carb cravings
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Eliminating digestive issues like bloating, constipation or diarrhea
  • And much more!

“My patients love this program because it is REAL FOOD. They are allowed bread, fruit, meat, fish, seafood, and cheese/ dairy. And, they start seeing changes in their weight and energy that they have been attempting to shift for a very long time.” – Dr. Mary Choi, ND, Soma and Soul

You can read more about the Metabolic Balance® plan basics here and here.



We wanted to bring real-life advice and experience from some of the most successful Metabolic Balance® coaches in Canada, so we interviewed four of them and this is what they had to say.

The coaches all agreed that a combination of one-on-one or group coaching works best for the program. The majority see their clients in person, but have also worked with clients remotely online or by phone.

“I aid clients mainly in person with balancing their weight, digestive disorders, inflammation/pain and overall wellness. The majority of my Metabolic Balance® clients are seen in a group format in person. I do offer individual consults for those who do not live locally or need additional support which is better suited to private consults.”Melanie Hesketh, Solera Holistic Health


Combining Qualifications

Some coaches also combine the program with other qualifications they hold such as offering additional personal training sessions, supplements or food prep classes. These are great ways to sell add-on services.

What Metabolic Balance® coaches also agreed on is that the program makes it easier for them to manage as it provides a structure and framework to work with along with client meal plans which saves them a lot of time.

“With Metabolic Balance® I see faster results, not only on weight loss but overall health and well-being. I think that’s what makes the clients motivated to follow through with the plan. For me as a nutritionist, it makes my work much easier, I see more results, work less hours and make more money.” – Melissa Pancini,

“Since using Metabolic Balance® for almost 6 years, I have found a greater compliance and success rate than previous programs and meal plans I implemented. Clients actually come to appointments feeling excited and empowered. It is very simplified and structured just enough for clients to feel well-guided, but not overly structured to be too restrictive that they can’t use it long term for lifestyle. It has also freed up a lot of my time as I do not need to make the meal plans myself. I believe that clients feel more value and trust in the program because it is based on their health concerns, labs and medications etc.” Melanie Hesketh, Solera Holistic Health



Metabolic Balance® is not a one-off diet, it’s a program that helps to build healthier habits that turn into a lifestyle.

Most Metabolic Balance® coaches sell the program in a package of several one-on-one or group sessions, or as a 3 to 6-month package program.

The starting price ranges between $1,000-$1,500 per client package.

For example, for a $1,000 package a client receives 8 sessions, the first 2 sessions as private consults and 6 quick follow-up group coaching sessions. Group sessions typically have up to 8 clients.

Some coaches use other service such as DNA testing, food sensitivity testing and supplement add-ons to charge $2,000+ per client one-on-one package. Most coaches see 8-16 new clients per month.

One practitioner, Jane Durst-Pulkys from Creative Health will be making over $250,000 in 2019 as a Metabolic Balance® Coach which is what her entire practice is based on. She credits her success on the success of the program itself, her dedication and the impeccable customer service and coaching that she provides her clients.

In addition, Jane has also turned Metabolic Balance® into an online program for her clients, so they can follow along no matter where they are with a starter kit, online videos, Facebook Community, email check-ins and much more!



Word of mouth is what the most successful Metabolic Balance® coaches said has worked best for their business.

“Honest truth – I don’t market it. The results of the program speak for themselves. Many of my clients come in by referral. I do have a social media presence though Facebook, Instagram, and our website. Metabolic Balance® also has me listed on their website as a coach where some patients have connected with me through there.” – Dr. Mary Choi, ND, Soma and Soul

Jane Durst-Pulkys from Creative Health has shared that in addition to client referrals and the Metabolic Balance® website, she has found the below marketing methods to be successful in gaining new clients.

  • Ad in the paper
  • Writing a magazine article monthly
  • Live seminars & talks
  • Videos (Facebook/ YouTube)
  • Walk my talk and being myself
  • Creating an online program




1. Do you qualify?

 The Metabolic Balance® Program requires that you already have the basic knowledge. Therefore, potential coaches need to be either Certified Holistic Nutritionists, Registered Dietitians, Naturopathic Doctors or other recognized Health Practitioners in order to qualify for the online course.


2. Register & complete the online program

The Metabolic Balance® program is fully online, so you can complete it anywhere you are in the world.

The course contains 16 lessons, and will take 15-20 hours to complete. Each lesson contains a video (approx. 45 min), a reading portion, and a quiz. There is also a mid-term, and a final exam at the end that you must pass to receive your certification.

The cost of the certification CAD $1,299 and includes you own meal plan for free (valued at $400). In addition, if you belong to a school or alumni association it may be worth checking as a special discount may be available.

For more info on becoming a Metabolic Balance® coach please go here. If you have any additional questions you can contact


3. Get listed on “Find a Coach”

Once you have completed the program you can automatically get listed on the Metabolic Balance® “Find a Coach” page and start incorporating it into your practice.



“I am forever grateful for the team at Metabolic Balance® and the ability to offer this program to my clients. I regularly get positive feedback and testimonials from clients about “how good they feel”. There are no words to describe the joy in aiding clients through their health journey 🙂 

As an added bonus, I never in my wildest dreams thought that my “little” nutrition business could earn me such an amazing income.

Since I added Metabolic Balance®, it has afforded me the ability to hire a full time assistant, work less hours to spend more time with my family and help more clients. I average about 14 new Metabolic Balance® clients each month with almost no marketing and I’m still able to offer all my other nutrition services as well. To me, this is a testament to the success of the program as it is mainly referrals from my clients.” Melanie Hesketh, Solera Holistic Health



Disclaimer: This post was developed in a paid partnership with Metabolic Balance®. All partnerships we promote align with our core nutrition values and teachings. And, all opinions in this post are genuine. You can find more about our NN Approved Healthy Brands here.

Medical Disclaimer: Metabolic Balance® is not a medically supervised program. The Metabolic Balance® plan and system is designed to help healthy individuals lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle. It is a recommended dietary program only and in no way represents a medical treatment or medical advice. The program does not constitute a medical product or service, and does not diagnose or treat any medical condition or disease. It does not accommodate for physical or medical conditions, food allergies or the taking of any medications. All medical conditions and your current health status should be discussed with your physician prior to beginning this, or any other, weight loss program.

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