Hi Newfound Friend, 

Before we dive into a whole spiel about our signature program, the N5Diet, we just want to clear the air!

This is not a ‘diet’ DIET!

There are NO strict rules or specific foods to avoid. You will NOT be spending hours (or entire days) in the kitchen preparing complicated recipes and following an imposibble-to-stick-to meal plan.

A super simple health plan that was made for…

  • The person who struggles with their health because they just don’t have the time for it.
  • The one who needs somewhere to start, with a plan that doesn’t involve cutting out entire food groups (for the love of carbs!)
  • For the busiest of busy bodies, who know they need to make some dietary and lifestyle changes, but not exactly too sure how.

And a super simple health plan that helps you to…

  • Put together easy, healthy meals.
  • Learn the fundamentals of health, in 5 simple steps.
  • Get back your time by reducing the hours spent in the kitchen.
  • Become more organized and confident in the kitchen.
  • Understand how food actually works for your unique body.
  • Manage cravings and control portions.
  • Incorporate the right kinds of packaged foods (yes, packaged food!), and eating out into your busy lifestyle.

Because, we get it, you don’t want to give up EVERYTHING, you just want health to fit into your busy life.

That’s why this plan has you eating plenty of food (that tastes awesome), loving your body, listening to your needs, and getting a grasp on your new found, lifelong, healthy habits.

(Without taking a 6-month course, spending hundreds of dollars, or giving up all kinds of foods to just get there.)

This SAME PLAN also allows you to…


    • Tap into daily stress management techniques
    • Learn how to stay fit in the easiest way possible
    • Create habits that aren’t just temporary, but long-term
    • Connect with a community and share with your friends

    (As in…it’s not just about the food!)

    Umm, hells yes to all of the above!!

    Welcome to your

    5 weeks, 5 steps,
    5 ingredients or less

    Welcome to the AH-MAZING N5diet program, a simple, yet comprehensive guide that was designed just for busy gals, such as your badass self, to totally and completely simplify your health.

    And who created this seemingly too-good-to-be-true health plan?

    Here at Naughty Nutrition we are on a mission to teach you how to bring optimal health back into your life… in the simplest way possible. We decided it was about time to shed all of the BS that usually comes along with the typical nutrition advice – which means you won’t find any miracle pills or magic bullets here.

    Instead, we’re about keeping it simple (sooooo simple!) so you can literally take health with you – wherever you go!

    So, what will you find in the N5Diet?


    • Over 125+ recipes made with 5-ingredients or less
    • Weekly Lunches you can prep in 10 minutes or less
    • Dinners ready in 30 minutes or less
    • A Total Body Fitness plan that takes you 30 minutes, done in the comfort of your home
    • Handouts & cheat sheets to make grocery shopping, dealing with cravings and the stress of everyday life, super simple
    • Plus, tips on how to cook and combine flavours to make a meal out of anything you may have lying around in your fridge
    • And, knowing how to eat out, eat frozen dinners, and create balance with pure pleasure foods to keep it healthy, while being busy.

    If you’re someone who’s:

    • Constantly on-the-go
    • Likes to eat out
    • Misses meals because you’re too busy
    • In need of the simplest solutions for all of life’s crazy scenarios

    Then the N5Diet is for you because we’re dishing up the goods on how to bring healthy into your busy lifestyle!

    Upon purchase you will get a cookbook with 125 recipes that are made using 5 ingredients or less. All recipes are made mostly gluten-free, unbelievably healthy, and part of a balanced diet. And did we mention incredibly delicious too?

    You will also receive a 5-week meal plan, and a 5-week step by step guide to getting your health back on track. Simple video, recipe tutorials and how-to’s on keeping it simple and teaching you the basics of healthy living.

    Substitutions and modifications for all diet needs: GF, grain-free, soy-free, nut-free, paleo, vegan; each recipe will have a guide that tells you what diet that recipe belongs to, making it super easy to follow if you need to apply dietary restrictions.

    Shopping & label reading tutorials. Let us take you on a virtual grocery store shop to help you make better food choices — where it all starts. Access to a private N5Diet community group with oodles of support, and where you can post all of your gram-worthy photos of all your newly mastered recipes.

    A simple 15-minute stress-busting yoga sequence that will help you zen
TFO at the end of the day. (We’re all about being #zenAF). Simple handouts & cheat sheets (Dealing with Cravings, Healthy Swaps, Oils & Fats and many more) that will teach you how to start applying your new healthy habits to your lifestyle with ease and without worry.

    Here’s what you can expect

    Week 1, Step 1

    How to make your food, and life, simple again. We start with simple tips to un-complicate your cooking, finding power in spices and herbs, and changing your palette to reduce cravings.

    Week 2, Step 2
    How to buy the healthiest food. You’ll learn how to read food labels and look for nasty ingredients in packaged foods as well as completely navigate the grocery store. Do calories matter?
    Week 3, Step 3
    Make your life enjoyable AF. This week is all about learning to eat out and enjoy yourself, without giving everything up. You’ll be able to remove guilt and find the foods that make you feel good.
    Week 4, Step 4
    Your body is trying to tell you something. All about the art of intuitive eating, portion control and managing cravings.
    Week 5, Step 5
    Don’t sweat the small stuff, but make sure you sweat. You’ll find stress-busting techniques, a yoga sequence for stress, and your DIY Total Body Fitness Program.

    How will you feel after this program?

    Like we said: it’s health, simplified…for the long run!






    Happier, confident, more focused and more satisfied with the food on your plate


    More fit and toned


    Relieved you have more time


    Less digestive issues


    Less stress

    '' It’s a change in mindset that actually feels so good because they designed it without any guilt and in the most inclusive way, and keep reminding throughout the program about balance not deprivation and finding simple easy ways to enjoy every meal. The most successful health program for me that I actually stuck to and followed to the end because it was so pleasurable and fun!''

    – Surekha

    “I feel beautiful, happy, energized! I am taking care of me! The past 2 years I was calorie counting, feeling guilty after eating carbs and adding extra stress to my body with intense workouts. Now, I have the peace I need to be the best mom of 3 little kids and wife.”

    – Carrie

    “This program helped me to be more focused on what am I eating and finding balance in my diet. My husband and I feel better; we enjoy cooking together and have more energy to enjoy the yummy food we prepare. This program is not about crazy dieting and counting calories, but about learning how to buy the right food and how to appreciate eating good simple food.”

    – Alena

    Welcome to your forever diet plan!

    Get your N5DIET program now!