Let’s just say that NAUGHTY NUTRITION is Jenni & Mirna’s unplanned baby! Nothing ‘naughty’ about that at all…haha!!

There was no plan or intention of it ever turning into a business. Nada.

For Jenni, a new mum, and an avid food lover – as in, loves cooking, loves eating and looooves learning about food.

She’s not really into the word ‘diet’ or even the concept of ‘dieting’, but instead believes food + exercise *must* to be a way of life, and something that needs to be maintained for years.


“I love the holistic component of healing and believes food has amazing healing capabilities. But, the only way to sustain a truly healthy and balanced lifestyle is to indulge every now and then. I’m pretty fond of chocolate…in both hands.”
~ Jenni Bourque, Co-Founder

For Mirna, life revolved around diets.

As a teenager and through her university years, she spent so much time counting calories. It took a massive shift in mindset, but she finally managed to maintain a healthy weight and was once again feeling beautiful in her own skin — all without the ‘diet’. She has a deep love and appreciation for food, eating out & traveling to explore food. She’s one of those women that lives to eat – and there’s nothing wrong with that!


“Food to me is not only about sustenance…FOOD is culture, tradition, family, friends, love, medicine, memories, happiness, unity!”
~ Mirna Sharafeddine, Co-Founder

The two nutrition mavens first met back in 2013 while studying to become Registered Holistic Nutritionists at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN).

They were in the same class, but quite frankly, we didn’t speak much or even hang out during the school year. Just sayin’.

Jenni was busy juggling school and late night shifts at work, and Mirna was getting acquainted with her new life in Canada. Yep, she’s a newbie Canuck, eh?!

The school year ended and we thought we had parted ways, forever. Funny that word – forever.

Then, a couple of years later, armed with the power of Facebook – Jenni contacted Mirna with an idea for a deliciously fun project. (See what we did there?)

It all started with an idea for ‘THE BOOK’


The initial concept was sparked in response to Jenni feeling a need to do something with her newfound health & nutritional knowledge that would also allow her to be able to spend time with her soon-to-be-born mini me. (that mini is now 2 years old, by the way!)

One day, Jenni was presented with one of her grandmother’s cookbooks. It was a compilation of recipes developed by other women in her church parish and published into a handy pocket book, that apparently could stand the test of time, judging by its condition!

This was a book that her grandmother still referred to for recipes, and one that was created by a community of women. It felt like a book of magic to Jenni. This cookbook was the first domino in the subsequent series of events.

Jenni reached out to Mirna with the idea to round up other CSNN graduates and Nutrition Pro’s from across Canada (and the world!) to see if they would be interested in submitting recipes for a community cookbook that could be….

  • Filled with deliciously healthy recipes developed by real Health Experts.
  • A resource that could provide exposure for other Nutrition Pro’s (and their platforms) to heaps of health seekers, globally.
  • Handed out to nutrition counselling & health coaching clients.
  • Used as a reference to build meal plans.

Well, hundreds of recipes later, and the realization that you can’t just up and publish a cookbook that will automatically reach thousands of people – not to mention provide enough exposure for all the amazing contributors, Jenni and Mirna decided to first start publishing some of those delicious recipes by creating an online blog and social presence.

This is when they realized how NAUGHTY NUTRITION could be so much more than just a hobby project.

Their complementary education, skills and experiences allowed them to build a business foundation and online platform from scratch. And, their core nutrition values and individual experiences tied their respective stories together creating a dynamic power duo!

It’s the bumps (and bruises) that make the best stories of health & healing

Of course, they’ve hit a few bumps along the way, made some mistakes (ohh, that’s gonna leave a mark!), but eventually circled back to the core of WHY they both decided to pursue careers in health & nutrition.

It wasn’t about vilifying food, or promoting restrictive eating habits and diets. It wasn’t about clean eating, never touching a fast food meal or never enjoying a piece of cake.

It was about teaching people how to fall back in love with the food on their plate, how to use simple ingredients to create delicious flavours and recipes.

It was about showing how easy it is to be healthy and to live happy. How to live a balanced lifestyle and be able to enjoy an ice cream on a hot summer day or a kale smoothie after a heavy family dinner.

Through our individual journeys, and from the moment that our paths crossed over a cookbook, we’re now so excited to have built an amazing platform — along with a growing community, where we can provide YOU access to some of the most delicious and nutritious recipes.

Plus, we offer up some of the best, science-backed nutritional information for wellness buffs, health seeking clients and nutrition & fitness experts along with nutritionist approved healthy brands — for anyone interested in learning simple healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

But, what it really comes down to in our collaboration — we’re just 2 nutrition mavens from 2 different cities, with 1 BADASS GOAL

That a balanced diet *must* include chocolate…in both hands.

It was through this unified mission that we came up with our delicious tagline:

Together, as NAUGHTY NUTRITION, we’re 90% nutrition, 10% chocolate…and 0% BS

By the way, we share even more about our individual stories about our WHY’s – this is where you’ll learn how we each went from being diet-obsessed to being deeply infatuated with real food.

Jenni Bourque, Co-founder


“Eat food cooked from scratch, enjoy your wine, eat dark chocolate, eat local, eat seasonal and enjoy everything about it. That is my motto!”


Nutrition Was Never My Thing, Diary Of A Party Girl – READ MORE ABOUT JENNI’S STORY HERE.

Mirna Sharafeddine, Co-Founder


“My motto is to SAVOR the moment rather than obsess about every single ingredient on my plate.”


5 Lessons I Learned as a Nutritionist from Years of Struggling with Yo-Yo Dieting – READ MORE ABOUT MIRNA’S STORY HERE.

And, you may be wondering...are we ever going to publish ‘THE BOOK’?

Simple answer is: we would absolutely love to!

Buuuuut, we also have big plans for NAUGHTY NUTRITION

We’re busy building a community for Nutrition Pro’s and Wellness Experts to publish their amazing work, as well as a community for people who want to learn more about simplifying their health, and we hope that this big book of ours can make its way to the mainstream, someday!




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