Kombucha & Muddled Mint with Prairie Organic Vodka

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Inside Scoop: This recipe for a Kombucha and Muddled Mint Cocktail with Prairie Organic Vodka is made with gut-loving ingredients and is coming just in-time for your next holiday party.


How much do we love our jobs?

Well, doing some mid-afternoon mixology in the name of work is definitely a perk! We get to use amazing, organic, natural ingredients and get introduced to some incredible brands, like Prairie Organic Spirits.

This Canada Organic Certified vodka brand hit our radar a little while ago, and we’ve been itching to test it out to whip up a delicious cocktail recipe for the Naughty Nutrition platform. It’s about time we had something delicious (nutritious – when in moderation) and totally naughty (and we’re just in time for the holiday season) cocktails on here, right?

We wanted to create something that has simple ingredients, doesn’t require any fancy bartender tricks, and that makes a great dinner party beverage.

Simple, delicious, and made with natural ingredients is our kind of cocktail and we just love that Prairie Organic Vodka matches our whole brand essence.

Prairie Organic Vodka is:

  • Canada Organic Certified
  • North America’s #1 organic spirits brand
  • 100 percent organic
  • Gluten-free and vegan-friendly
  • No herbicides, pesticides, or GMOs



We must say that the world of spirits has gotten a lot better. More handcrafted, small batch brands, more focus on sustainability and non-GMO or organic ingredients, and more emphasis on less sugar, less artificial flavours going into these products.

Quality is everything when it comes to keeping your cocktails on the healthier side.

And if it’s organic and non-GMO (like Prairie Organic Vodka is) bonus points all around.

Whether you’re hosting or looking for a gift that gives back, Prairie Organic Vodka is the perfect choice. It’s available in select LCBO stores in Toronto and is the perfect choice for hosting. To find out which location has Prairie Organic Spirits near you, visit the LCBO webpage here.

Every sip serves a purpose.

The Spirit of Change Fund was launched in 2019 by Prairie Organic Spirits. One percent of all sales in Canada are donated to the Canadian Organic Growers (COG), Canada’s national organic farmer and consumer association. The funds donated will help COG address the lack of educational resources available on organic farming with the goal of having more organic farmland, and fewer pesticides in our soil and water. This will have a significant and lasting impact on our environment and climate.

*Having a cocktail here and there, especially at parties or during the holiday season is okay, however, we do not endorse binge drinking or the consumption of excess amount of alcohol. If you’re 19+, you can enjoy your cocktail but please drink responsibly.

Muddled Mint, Lemon Juice, Bitters & Kombucha are What Make this Delicious Spritzer


We wanted to focus on gut health for this vodka-based cocktail recipe, and what better way than to add ingredients that are A) fermented B) bitter and C) known to calm digestive upset. We also used Santa Cruz’s Organic 100% Lemon Juice, which is a concentrated lemon juice perfect for adding to cocktails, lemon water and tea.

Mint Mint is not only rich in nutrients, but it is also known for the calming effect that it has on your gastro intestinal system. You can muddle mint into your cocktail to release the aroma and add a hint of freshness to your beverage.

Kombucha – One of our favourite vodka mixers because it hosts plenty of bacteria that have a positive effect on your gut. It comes in plenty of flavours, but for this recipe we used RISE Elderflower & Rosemary.

Bitters – Adding bitters helps to stimulate digestion which is why they’re always a wonderful addition to cocktails with or after a meal. You can find digestive bitters in the form of liqueur, or you can make them yourself.

So, if you’re looking for a delicious cocktail to enjoy during your next party or the holiday season, we highly recommend this Kombucha & Muddled Mint with Prairie Organic Vodka, because it’s simply one of the best vodka brands that we’ve come across, to date.

Check out some of our other healthy holiday recipes here: Peppermint Truffles, Eggnog Cheesecake & Gluten-free Vegetarian Stuffing.




Kombucha & Muddled Mint with Prairie Organic Vodka

This recipe for a Kombucha and Muddled Mint Cocktail with Prairie Organic Vodka is made with gut-loving ingredients and is coming just in-time for your next holiday party.

Course Drinks
Keyword organic vodka, organic vodka Canada, prairie organic vodka
Prep Time 5 hours
Total Time 5 hours
Servings 1 serving
Calories 157 kcal


  • 1 oz Prairie Organic Vodka
  • 1/2 oz bitters we used Montenegro
  • Handful of mint
  • 1 -2 Tbsp Santa Cruz’s Organic 100% Lemon Juice
  • 1 cup kombucha of choice we used RISE Elderflower & Rosemary
  • Garnish: pomegranate rosemary, cranberries


  1. Add mint to a rocks glass and top with lemon juice. Muddle the mint until it is broken up a bit, releasing its aroma. Add vodka and bitters. Top with kombucha and stir.


Naughty Nutrition

Naughty Nutrition


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