We used to DREAD meal prepping. We would go to the grocery store, buy a wack load of healthy food, put all the food away and make promises to ourselves of large batch cooking, and healthy prepping for the next week. Then, we would spend the week dreading it, until finally, the week passed, all the healthy food went bad, and the closest Thai or sushi joint is where we threw out all our excuses.

Spending a day meal prepping, how annoying, right?

The thing is, that once the sushi joint became a distant memory, we actually got used to putting aside a couple of minutes in our kitchen. Getting into the hang of things became more intuitive and meal prepping turned into less of a chore, and more of a fun activity that we enjoyed. The beginning of the week brought relief because we knew that we would have delicious food and healthy snacks for the week ahead. Our meal prepping game became on point, and staying on track became easier than ever.

It takes awhile to know where and how to get started, or what you need to buy and how to prep it. So we’ve put together this simple, straight to the point guide, which will help you know exactly what to buy, how to use those simple ingredients, and what you can cook from a basic whole food shopping list.

Here you’ll find:

  • Your ingredients
  • Ideas on how to prep your ingredients
  • A 5 Day Meal Plan making use of your simple ingredients

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2 medium sweet potatoes

2 organic/ free range chicken breasts, 2 medium wild caught Alaskan salmon filets

Half block of tempeh

1 cup uncooked quinoa or brown rice

10 cups (approx) of mixed dark greens

1 bunch of kale or spinach

1 can black beans or chickpeas

1 jar sauerkraut

A variety of vegetables (cucumber, pepper, zucchini, cabbage, onion, carrots, mushrooms, beets etc.)

A variety of fruit (low sugar fruits include pears, apple, berries)


Rolled oats

Dairy-free milk container

Peanut or nut butter jar (100% nuts, natural, preferably organic)

Mixed raw nuts & unsweetened dried fruits

1 bar dark chocolate





Seeds such as hemp, flax, chia


Sprouted whole grain bread 

Spices/ Herbs



SWEET POTATOES can be cut, seasoned and roasted, cooked whole or mashed.

QUINOA OR RICE can be cooked at a 1:2 ratio and used for salads, quinoa cereal bowl, or on the side of protein & veggies.

TEMPEH can be marinated in tamari & fried in lengthwise sliced pieces, or baked in the oven.

CHICKEN/ FISH: Can be baked, pan cooked, or can also be cooked the same as tempeh, with tamari, spices and herbs. You can poach chicken to create shredded meat for stuffed potatoes, salads or sandwiches.  

VEGGIES can be roasted, sauteed or used raw. Cook with the sweet potatoes, slice them lengthwise, raw or spiralize them, or just dice them to be prepped for cooking and salads throughout the week.

VEGGIES can also be used as soup and stock base, if you mince your garlic, onion and celery ahead of time, that’s the base of most stocks.

FRUIT can be used plain, make berry jam, sliced fruit and nut butter snacks, or in smoothies.

OATS can be used for breakfast cooked or overnight oats, you can add them to your crock-pot and make energy bars.

NUTS, SEEDS & DRIED FRUIT (sugar-free) can be used as a snack or for trail mix.

EGGS can be made into mini frittatas (with a muffin tin and veggies), hardboiled, even scrambled with veggies in a large batch ahead of time.

SEEDS & FAT suck as flax, hemp, chia, coconut can be blended together and used in a salad, yogurt or fruit topper to enhance the nutritional value of your food, or added to smoothies.

AVOCADOS can be used to make dip (guacamole), added to salads, smoothies, soups, or even just eaten plain with a sprinkle of salt and pepper or cumin.

SPROUTED BREAD can be used for vegetarian/ veggie loaded sandwiches, on the side of morning eggs, avocado toast.




Day One: Hardboiled eggs with sauerkraut & mixed greens

Day Two: Peanut butter & chocolate overnight oats

Day Three: Chocolate kale smoothie

Day Four: 2 Slices of sprouted bread with avocado/egg mash, a sprinkle of cumin and sprouts

Day Five: Quinoa breakfast bowl with almond milk, fresh berries, nuts and seeds, a dollop of nut butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon



Day One: Mediterranean quinoa on a bed of mixed greens with goat cheese & vegetable medley soup with a slice of sprouted bread

Day Two: Tex-Mex brown rice goddess bowl & chopped stuffed sweet potatoes with shredded BBQ chicken and a side salad

Day Three: Vegan veggie loaded sandwich with roasted peppers, arugula, avocado, hummus, cumin & chili and lime salmon with braised greens

Day Four: Veggie lettuce wraps with tempeh, salsa, avocado and red peppers & coconut curry with brown rice

Day Five: Mini frittatas with side salad & salmon burgers roasted veggies

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Trail mix with dark chocolate chunks

Hummus and veggie sticks

Apple & nut butter

2 cups popcorn

Full-fat yogurt with fresh fruit and granola

Brown rice cakes with nut butter & banana

A couple pieces of dark chocolate

Bean chips & hummus

Sometimes the thought of meal planning and prepping seems overwhelming, but broken down it can actually get to be a little bit fun. Knowing what to cook, how to cook, it and how to utilize leftovers make for more excitement then plain old boring chicken and rice every day.

If you’re looking for more tips, check out Jenni’s video below where she dishes out what she was eating, and how she utilized everything for 3 days in a row.

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