Inside Scoop: This simple vegan potato salad is mayo-free, loaded with veggies, and the perfect summer side dish.

This recipe was submitted by Vanessa Baron, mom, wife, Holistic Nutritionist, Success Coach, free spirit and lover of all things veg.

You know we learned in school that we should try to avoid potatoes in a meal plan. Not because they are unhealthy, but just because North American food culture is loaded with potatoes, and they are usually done an a manner that’s void of nutrients (chips, fries, mashed etc.).

But to be quite honest, when I am in doubt of what to cook as a side dish, I usually cook potatoes.

I really love potatoes.

You can roast them with veggies, make hash or stuff baked, but almost always (as in when they aren’t fried), using potatoes as a side dish can be a healthy option.

And, in summer, this simple vegan potato salad is one of the healthiest side dish options that you can make.

Potatoes are a great source of vitamin C, potassium, B6, magnesium, and antioxidants, and they are incredibly versatile. You can easily add in other veggies to make your side dish contain a wide variety of nutrients, and this Simple Vegan Potato Salad is a great example of how you can load up on the nutrition in a simple, healthy (and delicious, of course) dish.

All About This Real Deal Simple Vegan Potato Salad


This simple vegan potato salad is one of our favourite healthy side dishes that can be done in so many different ways. We love adding asparagus and peas, but hardboiled eggs, bacon, or even a bit of mayo makes this simple vegan salad stand out as well. You can load it up with other veggies, lettuces like arugula, or other delicious and fresh garden herbs. We’re just loving it.

This vegan potato salad is:

  • High in nutrients
  • High in protein (from peas)
  • High in healthy fats
  • Delicious
  • Flavour packed


One of our summer fav’s that’s for sure, and a healthy swap from the traditional potato salad loaded with processed mayo. We love a good healthy swap, that’s why we created a list that you can print out and add to your fridge to make healthy food swaps easy as pie (vegan, gluten-free pie). You can download your Healthy Food Swap fridge list here:



If you’re looking for other healthy potato-inspired side dishes, you’re going to love this Sweet Potato Fry Hack. These baked sweet potato fries are the BEST, and contain 1 special ingredient that makes them delicious and cheesy. You’ll love them!

What do you think about a mayo-free potato salad? Let us know in the comments below.

The Real Deal Simple Vegan Potato Salad With Fresh Dill

This simple vegan potato salad is mayo-free, loaded with veggies, and the perfect summer side dish.
Course Appetizer, Salad, Side Dish
Cuisine American, Healthy
Keyword Simple vegan potato salad
Prep Time 7 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
resting time 10 minutes
Total Time 32 minutes
Servings 4
Calories 271 kcal


  • 5 cups potatoes small red, quartered
  • 12 asparagus stalks bottoms trimmed, chopped
  • 1 carrot peeled & shredded
  • 1 cup peas
  • 1 shallot minced
  • 2 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1 Tbsp. red wine vinegar
  • 2 Tbsp. fresh dill roughly chopped
  • ¼ tsp sea salt
  • ¼ tsp black pepper


  1. Pre-heat oven to 425F.
  2. In a medium bowl, toss potatoes in 1 tbsp. olive oil. Season with salt & pepper and roast for about 20-25 minutes. Add asparagus to the roasting pan for the last 6 minutes.
  3. While potatoes are roasting, lightly steam peas until tender and bright green.
  4. Once potatoes, asparagus and peas are done cooking, toss together in large bowl.
  5. Add carrot, shallot, vinegar and remaining 1 tbsp. olive oil. Toss together. Taste and season with salt & pepper, if needed. Sprinkle with dill and serve.

Vanessa Baron

Rockin’ Salutes! My name’s Vanessa Baron and I’m a mom, wife, Holistic Nutritionist, Success Coach, free spirit and lover of all things veg. I created The Radiant Herbivore for anyone interested in adopting or refining a plant-based diet. I’m a firm believer that being healthy doesn’t mean your life has to be boring or complicated – in fact, I believe food should be an adventure and add some luxury to your life. I learned to ditch the notion of being perfect a long time ago – I still nosh on chocolate, attend BBQs and potlucks, eat out at restaurants and sip on fine wine. You won’t find me counting calories or worrying about carb + fat intake either – there’s seriously no need when you’re nourishing your body with healthy, whole foods!

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