Cleanse Season | The Ultimate Spring Guide To Teas For Digestion

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Inside Scoop: This is the ultimate spring tea guide filled with the healthiest and most popular teas for digestion, weight loss, supporting your liver, and improving overall health.


It’s getting closer,

We feel it with the smiles of those who surround us, more people are getting out to yoga classes, joining groups, challenges, walking, running, you name it- it’s time to dust off that good old hibernation, friends, let’s warm up, energize and revitalize.

A lot of us like to do it by making some changes; switching up our diet, changing our skincare routine, splurging on a new wardrobe, getting a pedi… you know, things that emphasize our new found (anti-winter) feel good emotions.

Alongside healthy, fresh foods, there is something else that we can add to our lives to increase our nutrient intake and improve our health. It’s something that is very easy to implement into our diets, doesn’t take away from our food intake, but rather enhances it.




Tea and herbs are a magnificent way to improve our gut function, aid our liver, add antioxidants, nutrients and other health benefits to our diet. Unfortunately, like a lot of other products out there, the world is overwhelmed with different types of tea and it can become confusing to know what teas to buy to support health or weight loss.

Unanswered questions


Herbs are wonderful, interesting, and also very confusing. They contain so many different compounds that can benefit us, but also, other compounds that have ‘drug-like’ effects (just think- laxative teas, drowsy teas, energizing teas etc.) There are a lot of questions that need to be asked when trying to find a tea that works for you, such as:


What herb is best for what function? What herbs are best in the spring? What tea blends should I be looking for? What am I trying to heal? What’s the best tea for weight loss? Why are there so many options?


Knowing what to look for, what your favourite tea flavour is, and where to buy them becomes pretty important when picking out a tea variety that works for you- or else you end up with a collection of teas taking up precious real estate in your pantry, and you’ve wasted your hard earned dollars.

That’s where we step in and take control with this amazing spring tea guide that contains a list of tea brands that:

  • Are jam packed with the right kind of nutrients
  • Are beneficial for your metabolism and gut function
  • Are cleansing
  • Promote energy and weight loss
  • Are delicious and can help with sugar cravings

Oh yeah, and because we love you, we have a delicious Very Berry Mint Iced Tea Sangria recipe at the bottom.

Naughty Nutritionists’

Spring Tea Guide For Weight Loss


Metabolism & Weight Loss Tea

Turmeric Teas: Turmeric & Peppermint


This tea contains turmeric alongside peppermint and fennel, which have a natural soothing effect on digestion. These three ingredients open up the body’s natural ability to fight inflammation, and promote healthy digestion. They are a perfect combination if you are looking to:

  • Relieve upset stomach
  • Promote digestion after meals
  • Have systemic inflammation and need healing
  • Have constipation or diarrhea


Detoxing Tea

Affect Health: 14 Day Teatox


We could go through every ingredient in this tea and tell you just how beneficial each one of them is for your health and in assisting your detoxifying pathways… but that would take a lot of time. What you do need to know about this tea is that it is a potent formula specially designed for detoxifying, increasing energy, losing weight, and re-setting your metabolism. It also contains matcha, which has been used for centuries for its amazing health benefits, and adaptogenic herbs, which work on your stress response and help promote feelings of calm and ease.

This tea also comes in a 28 Day Teatox. Drink it daily in combination with a healthy diet, to speed up your metabolism and help set you up for weight loss success.


Traditional Medicinals: Everyday Detox

While Teatox might work more like a program that you drink only for that allocated time, Everyday Detox is a tea you can drink everyday. With herbs such as burdock, nettle and dandelion this packs a powerful liver supporting punch. Oh yea, and nettle has been used for centuries as an iron tonic, so if you have low iron, or live off a vegan or vegetarian diet, this tea will be amazing to add to your daily routine.


Liver Support Tea

Traditional Medicinals: Dandelion Root & Leaf

Remember how we mentioned the amazing dandelion for supporting detoxification? Well, let’s just spend a moment on how beneficial dandelion is for your main detoxification pathway- your liver. A lot of us think … you mean those WEEDS growing on my front lawn? Yeah, those weeds are high in antioxidants Vitamins A & C, which are vital for your liver and help reduce inflammation. There are also specific compounds in the oils that dandelions produce that stimulate the digestive system, which helps filter out unwanted toxins.


Nutrient Boost Tea

The Honest Leaf: NOURISH

The Honest Leaf  is a Toronto-based company developed by nutritionists, and the teas are completely organic. This combination is perfect if you need a vitamin and mineral boost or have iron deficiency. With rosehip, green rooibos, elderberries and nettle, this blend high in antioxidants, vitamin C and has amazing immunity boosting properties.


Energizing Tea

Four Sigmatic Chaga Blend

Medicinal mushrooms have been used for centuries, but have recently been brought to the public’s attention due to their amazing health benefits. Chaga, specifically, has a nutritional profile that tops so many other foods. Just check out chaga mushroom’s list of health benefits here.


Sweet Tea

Have a sweet tooth? Trying to cut back on sugary drinks? Or just don’t like the taste of water and need something to drink with flavour… like real flavour? There is an untapped world of sweet teas out there, from mango, to chocolate to berries there are so many, you’d be blown away.

While we wish we could just give you a massive list of sweet and delicious teas, we have hand picked 2 of our favourite teas just in time for spring.


Pluck: Chocolate Pu-erh

Cmon, it’s chocolate. Anyone who knows us girls knows that we are chocolate advocates. We are huge fans of dark chocolate bars, but sometimes we want to sip on the taste of chocolate without coming down from a sugar high. We also have days where we go sugar free, and this chocolate treat is a wonderful option for replacing our sweet fix with something that is sweet, yet contains no sugar. Chocolate teas definitely do the trick and not only is it delicious, it contains real cacao, which has an amazing nutritional profile.



Did you know that polyphenols in tea help you maintain healthy gut bacteria? And this trendy crystallized tea from Pique contains up to 12x the polyphenols of other teas. The premium, organic tea leafs are brewed at low temperatures for up to 8 hours to extract all the antioxidants and then the water is separated to create this unique crystallized tea. The Herbal Beauty Elixir blend is perfect if you’re looking for a subtle sweetness from the added whole leaf stevia.



2 Litres of water with Pique Tea Iced Tea Collection

2 Cups Organic wild blueberry juice

1 Cup soda water

2 Cups of mixed frozen berries

A couple mint leaves

1 cup to 750 ml of your wine of choice (white or red) * optional

Naughty Nutrition

Naughty Nutrition


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