Turn Your Small Kitchen Into a Cozy Oasis: Interior Design Life Hacks

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Inside Scoop: These small kitchen design ideas will help you transform your small kitchen from a cluttered mess to a sleek and modern space.

This recipe was submitted by Kevin Nelson, content writer and interior design expert.

Having a small kitchen can be a drag! Especially in a world where we have so many great appliances, from espresso machines to air friers, where does it all go!?

Limited space can turn this room into a crowded and disorganized space. Considering the fact that many people spend more time in their kitchen than even their living room, a cluttered kitchen can easily start causing stress. 

Fortunately, you can change that with a few inexpensive interior design hacks to make it cozy, lively, and more functional as well. 

Most of these solutions are simple and inexpensive, and if you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can spruce up your small kitchen without professional help. 

Let’s delve right into it and help make your tiny kitchen into a cozy oasis!


Go White 

Painting your kitchen white is an excellent way to make a tiny kitchen appear larger and more open. That is because white reflects light and creates the illusion of more square footage. For an appealing appearance, experiment with different shades of white such as cream or eggshell.

Utilizing various textures such as glossy or matte will also make it look more stylish. If you want to introduce color to this scheme to personalize your living space and create a beautiful contrast, start with small accents such as your knobs and door handles.

Keep Colors Minimal 

If you aren’t a fan of an all-white palette, bring in some color!

Just keep in mind that using more than two or three varying shades in a tiny kitchen can make it look chaotic. Choose your favorite neutral backdrop color scheme, and then introduce some complementary shades or textures on appliances, kitchen cabinets, shelves, backsplash, or furniture for an integrated appearance. 

Invest in Lighting 

Poor lighting gives a small kitchen a dark, dull appearance, not to mention making preparing and cooking meals more difficult. 

Good lighting can make all the difference in a home, making rooms appear brighter and more spacious. Fix multiple recessed lights on the ceiling or go for large flush mounts. You can also place sconces over open shelves, countertops, or above the sink, or go bold with pendant lights.

Every corner of your kitchen should be adequately illuminated. Other than electrical lights, the more natural light you can let into the kitchen, the better. Make your kitchen window accessible and clear to allow as much light as possible inside. Experiment with different window treatments. Skylights can also let in plenty of light.

Try Multipurpose Appliances 

Eliminate clutter on your kitchen countertops by using multipurpose appliances such as a microwave and oven combination. You can keep counter space clear by putting commonly used appliances away when not in use, perhaps in the cabinet underneath the counter. Lesser used appliances should be stored away. Check out some of our appliance recommendations for your space here. 

For more space efficiency, large appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators can be built-in. If you’re remodeling your house, this is something to consider when making your small kitchen plans.

Replace Cupboards with Drawers 

Items can leave a lot of unused space around them when you store them in cupboards. You may want to consider replacing kitchen cabinets with drawers. 

Drawers eliminate space wastage and are easily accessible. They’re also easy to organize, especially when you use dividers.

If you decide to stick with cupboards, make sure that they have a minimalist and streamlined design. Instead of handles, you can have finger pulls installed. With the right home improvement tools, you can easily make the switch. Another smart idea is to have your cabinets placed all the way to the ceiling for more space.

Bring in Plants 

Plants can breathe new life into your small kitchen while providing a refreshing splash of color. Choose potted house plants and herbs that are not too invasive and place them on a shelf or hang them from the ceiling. Bringing your outdoor space inside makes the whole house feel more integrated. 


Create an Accent Wall 

You might think that you don’t have the luxury of an accent wall in a small kitchen, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s possible to create an accent above the sink, counters, stoves, or wherever you have shelves. You can also use a backsplash to create an accent wall.

Its contrast from the rest of the room creates interesting interior decor and acts as a distraction from the small space available. You can also decide to hang up artwork instead of painting walls for a more personalized look.


Add a Rug 

Placing a rug on the floor is among the small kitchen trends you can use to spruce yours up. Go for a vibrant design that fits the space available and makes a statement. Tile is another versatile way to style up your kitchen floor.


Create Open Storage 

You can convert any free wall space in your kitchen into an open storage space. All you need to do is install shelves and racks with hooks. These can be fixed above the sink, countertops, or between cabinetry. Also, magnetic strips are a great option that look polished and ensure that your knives are well-organized, easy to find and off the counter.

Shelves can hold plates and other crockery, while racks and hooks can be used to suspend cooking pots and cutlery. For open storage to appear more impressive, arrange items neatly and get dinnerware in monochromatic tones. 


Cozy Up Your Kitchen Today 

By using these kitchen ideas, small spaces can turn out to be more functional and vibrant than you would have ever thought possible. Pay attention to colors, lighting, and organization. Be creative with your storage solutions as this, too, can be an important element of style. 

Only keep the items that you need for a minimalist design and maximum counter space. You just might find yourself feeling happier and more fulfilled every time you use your kitchen

The tips listed can work for all kinds of small kitchen layouts, so go ahead and try them out. 

Which interior design hacks have helped make you improve your tiny kitchen design? Share with us in the comments below. 


Kevin Nelson

Kevin has been a content writer for about 3 years. He studied Design and Arts at College in Pennsylvania. A fan of home interior design and, he has taken it upon himself to spread his love for decorating homes by informing people on some of his ideas through his articles.


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