10 Wellness Trends Of 2019 That Are Going To Rock The Scene

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Inside Scoop: Our prediction for the top wellness trends of 2019 are here. Check out what’s in, what’s science backed, and what to look out for in the new year.



Do you follow wellness trends and hot topics?

While we’re not ones to go out and buy jade eggs that we stick up our hoohas or spend an arm and a leg on crystal infused water, there are definitely some wellness trends we think are going to make the scene in 2019 that are going to become more than just fads, and have the science to support them.

Since 2018 was all about looking at our DNA, blood, genes, going plant based and protecting the planet, we definitely think that the best wellness trends of 2019 are the ones that follow 2018’s science and are ones that ultimately promote holistic healing on a planetary level.




1) Move Over Beyond Meat, Plant Alternatives Are Coming To Seafood


With the sea temperatures rising, an overly polluted ocean, and more people looking for plant-based alternatives to animal products, it’s no wonder companies are starting to look for innovative ways to provide consumers with healthy alternatives.

Sophie’s Kitchen is just one company that is going to great lengths to offer up gourmet seafood alternatives that look and taste just like the latter. From filets, to coconut shrimp, to smoked salmon, you would have absolutely no clue that this alternative food is completely plant-based.

Not that we’re against seafood, but we definitely think it’s companies like this that will make great waves in the plant-based market with innovative ideas and products that keep the consumer coming back, and help consumers transition to more of a plant centred approach.


2) It’s Not About The Mitochondria Anymore, It’s About The Circadian Rhythm


Last year predicted the health of the mitochondria becoming a hot trend, and while we did learn a lot about how to stay healthy on a cellular level (and we certainly learned more about our own DNA & individuality with health), but one of the top predicted wellness trends of 2019 is learning more about the health of our circadian rhythm.

Also known as our biological clock, our sleep rhythm will become an incredibly important topic of concern in 2019. Our sleep cycle is directed by two hormones, melatonin and cortisol, and without these hormones being regulated properly our entire body can become out of balance. Especially since we live in times dictated by high-tech, distractions, and instant gratification, the health of our sleep cycle is a 2019 wellness trend that we predict is here to stay.


3) Fats Are Coming To Snacks


Keto hit an all-time popularity in 2018, and we now know that fat is good for you. It’s good for your brain, your energy production, for managing your blood sugars, and creating a feeling of satiety. So, no doubt, keto and high fat snacks are going to take over the healthy snack game.

From keto bombs, to keto chocolate, to MCT oil infused coffee, to popcorn made with ghee. High fat, high protein, low-carb snacks may just be the key to helping us stay full and completely satisfied.

Love Good Fats and Skuta Pumpkin Seeds are just a few examples of companies that produce high quality healthy snacks that are loaded with protein, fiber and keep consumers healthy and in love with fats. 

grain-free snack swaps


4) Hemp Is Going Global


A hot wellness trend of 2019 in Canada is definitely going to be the legalization of cannabis. And, although not fully legal in the US, nations are starting to wake up to the idea that cannabis/ hemp/ marijuana may have incredibly health benefits. 

Since hemp also contains little to no THC, and is a legal, mass produced crop and can be used to make hemp-based CBD oil, oil for skincare products, paper and pulp, clothing, food and medicine.

The health benefits of hemp are still being studied, but as of right now it’s being used for pain, anxiety, stress, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, nausea, and so much more. The chemical compounds of this plant can create an anti-inflammatory effect on the body and help to regulate some of the body’s natural systems. 

No doubt as research increases, so will our ability to get our hands on hemp-based products, especially ones that can make us feel better.


5) Companies Are Becoming Environmentally Conscious


As of right now our environment is in a detrimental state.

Sea levels are rising, global temperatures are increasing, the ocean acidity levels are going up, and guess what… none of this is good for the sustainability of humanity.

Large companies are a huge contributor to global waste, and it’s about time these companies are taking notice of their environmental impact. That, alongside technological advances in packaging, have allowed for companies to become more environmentally friendly. 

Here are 5 companies that are taking efforts to reduce their carbon footprints, and just an example of how this wellness trend of 2019 will impact the ways consumers look for products. 


6) Self-Care Will Rule


In 2018 we started to see an increase of ‘self-care’ being prioritized over long-term, high-stress situations. More and more people are taking days off to focus on their mental health, and more and more companies are saying that it’s an okay thing to do.

Human being may be evolving, but unfortunately our stress response isn’t evolving with us. Our bodies weren’t designed for long-term stressful situations, which is what a lot of us are susceptible to. That, alongside poor sleep, highly processed foods, and constantly being stimulated, it’s no wonder we are reaching for ways to help our bodies relax so that we don’t end up crashing hard.


7) Plant-based ketogenic approach


The ketogenic diet is one of the hottest and most popular diets right now, and it’s no wonder why, it will (in most cases) help you lose weight.

However, there are plenty of nutrition experts debunking the myth that the bacon, butter, egg, meat method is going to keep you healthy. Will you lose weight? Probably, because it will fill you up and keep your blood sugars in check. Is it good for you? We will argue this one.

The keto diet can be done in a much healthier manner, and with the rise of vegetarianism and plant-based diets and lifestyles, we will probably start seeing more of a plant-based ketogenic diet approach as one of the top wellness trends of 2019.


8) The Rise Of The Mesonutrient


We all know our macronutrients and micronutrients when it comes to hitting our nutrition guidelines (carbs, fat, protein, minerals and vitamins), but it’s looking like 2019 is going to get even tinier – welcome, the mesonutrient.

Mesonutrients, or meso-dosing is a new trend that looks at the foods active or bioactive ingredients.

For example, we’ve been told for so long that the active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, is incredibly good for us. However, on its own, curcumin is poorly absorbed by the bloodstream. The trick to hacking curcumin to be absorbed by the body? Piperine.

Piperine is the key active ingredient in black pepper, and is pretty powerful when combined with turmeric’s active ingredient curcumin. It becomes powerful because it helps absorb curcumin into the bloodstream by nearly 2000%!

This is just one example of how mesonutrients work. Tapping into those compounds that really elevate our health and step up your nutrition game!


9) High tech jewelry that tracks everything


We live in a time where we are tracking EVERYTHING! Our steps, our sleep patterns, our followings, our nutrients, our kids, the air we breathe.

Of course, it makes sense that what we wear would become incredibly efficient at tracking our day-to-day.

And one of the hottest wellness trends of 2019 will most certainly be in the world of fashion, and more specifically, jewelry. Over the past year the Bellabeat Leaf Health Tracker rose in popularity, which is a fitness necklace that tracks your steps, calories burnt, sleep patterns, reproductive cycle and health.

In 2019 we predict that more than just fitness tracker necklaces will become popular, but rings, bracelets, watches and more. Not only that, but companies will be finding new and exciting ways to help wellness collide with fashion.


10) Gyms for kids


We’re becoming more concerned with the health of our bodies, the health of the planet, and the health of our kiddos.

With a rise in obesity and sedentary lifestyles, companies are tuning into the need for more activities for kids that gets them active and keeps them healthy from their early years on.

But instead of one-off activities (think soccer, gymnastics etc.), we’re going to start seeing a rise in gyms for tots

Why? Maybe because a lot of us live in big cities where it’s not easy to just play hockey on the side streets anymore, or maybe it’s because the times we live in parents are in constant fear of letting their kids head down to the park by themselves. Keeping our kids busy, safe and active is incredibly important for their health.

These are just 10 wellness trends for 2019 that we think are going to make an impact, but we’d like to hear what you think will hit the scenes in the new year by dropping a comment below.

What do you think about these trends? Here to stay?

Supplements definitely fall into the trends category as well, so if you are struggling to get a handle on what supplements you actually need and what ones you can avoid, make sure you download our Supplement Guide here: 

Naughty Nutrition

Naughty Nutrition


  1. Leesa Klich

    Great list!

    About #5, I’ve read a few articles recently that many big corps (including food corps) are becoming “Certified B Corporations” where they consider the social and environmental impacts of all of their top decisions.


    • Naughty Nutrition

      So amazing, because we need leaders in the industry to set the example and help consumers make the shift as well.

  2. Nick Gold

    #2 – the circadian rhythm – as well as sleep quality are paramount when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.

    From what I read, going to bed around 22pm or 23pm the latest helps the body realign with the circadian rhythm and enhances the restorative effect of sleep.

    • Naughty Nutrition

      Absolutely and especially staying away phone the phones and other devices!



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